Security, Risk & Governance
Credit Card & Social Security Number Masker
Hide sensitive data such as credit card numbers or US social security numbers in Freshdesk tickets.
GDPR Assistant
GDPR Assistant will help you keep the data in your Freshdesk account GDPR compliant!
Protect Sensitive Data
During ticket creation and note creation, protect the sensitive customer data.
Create incidents with insights into the threat identified along with relevant contextual information
The SecurityAdvisor App enables agents to stay secure and compliant by training them on topics including GDPR, Security Essentials, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and Privacy.
Attach large files to any Freshdesk ticket and ensure the privacy of your files with SendSafely.
Credit Card & Social Security Number Masker
Protect sensitive data in your tickets by masking credit card and social security numbers.
Centraya stores and safeguards all your vital information in Freshservice.