Surveys & Feedback
Sentimental Jeff!
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Jeff cares deeply about support. Jeff is sentimental. Jeff tells you when your customer is happy :) or sad :(. Try Jeff.
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Add your SurveyMonkey surveys right inside your tickets the same way you would add a default satisfaction survey.
Playstore - Freshdesk for mint
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This app creates a Freshdesk ticket for every review of your app in the Google Playstore
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CloudCherry users can now leverage Freshdesk for closing the loop with customers.
Trustpilot - Freshdesk for Mint
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Automatically create Freshdesk tickets for every review of your product/service on Trustpilot.
The Usersnap integration for Freshdesk allows you to get screenshots and bug reports from Usersnaps as tickets in Freshdesk
The CustomerGauge app will create Freshdesk tickets based on your NPS survey results in CustomerGauge
Create beautiful interactive forms using FormCrafts and have each form response logged as a ticket in Freshdesk
Send automated CSAT surveys after every ticket closure in Freshdesk
Ticket time entry Customizations
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Provide quick customizations for agents regarding how they track time on their tickets.
Contract Hour Manager
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The Contract Hour Manager app enables service desk agents track the time spent on their tickets against the numbers of hours purchased by a customer through their contract.
Auto Start Timer - Freshservice
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Get the exact time agents spend on tickets with the help of Auto Start Timer app.
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Integrating SurveyMonkey with Freshservice will provide powerful customer support through meaningful feedback.
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Integrating Harvest with Freshservice will let you track expenses, save time and plan effectively without moving from your Freshservice screen.
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Manage your business accounts and bill your clients by integrating QuickBooks with Freshservice.
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Track time on tasks and tickets, and easily generate invoices by integrating FreshBooks to Freshservice.
Google Map Assistant
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Take note of distance and travel time between locations in a map as you process tickets.
Workflow Max
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Generate invoices based on time spent resolving tickets by integrating WorkflowMax with Freshservice.
All-in-one customer survey tool integrated with Freshsales.
Sync NPS scores with Freshsales and trigger NPS surveys from Freshsales with Retently NPS.
Stella Connect
Stella Connect is a software platform that increases agent happiness and supercharges coaching and QA.
The SmileBack-Freshdesk integration helps agents gather feedback for every support interaction.
Customer Satisfaction, NPS & Customer Effort Score survey for Freshsales