All Features Kanban board software

Rich intuitive board with easy drag & drop 

Simply eliminate the need to manually organize your tasks. Prioritize your backlog with easy visualization of all your tasks in a single place. Focus on what's important and avoid spending time on bottlenecks. 

an image representing the drag and drop feature of the freshrelease product

Customizable swimlanes

Create customizable swimlanes based on your custom statuses. This can vary from the very basic to-do, in-progress to completed work items or can be completely specific to your team process. 

an image of a screenshot of the customisable swimlanes feature in freshrelease

Slice & dice with quick filters

Refine your work items based on assignees or priorities, zero in on the information that you need quickly. Gather all the information you need within the kanban board without having to hop between multiple pages. 

an image of a screenshot of quick filters option in Kanban board module of freshrelease

Collaborate right within the kanban board

Enjoy the smooth transition of work between your team members.  Collaborate with your team member's using @ mention, keep them updated constantly. 

an image of a screenshot of @mention feature in the product freshrelease by freshworks