How project management software for businesses help you grow? 

predictable delivery 

To attain long-term success for any business, monitoring the progress of the work is essential to deliver on time. Dedicated project management software plays an important role in monitoring the work that gets done in different stages of projects, and can provide insights into whether tasks will get completed on time or not. They help in identifying if teams are fast or slow and where they are slow as well. 

collaboration & communication

Project Management software develops a platform for communication concerning every aspect of the project, from tasks to milestones. It helps every member to prioritize, assigning work to relevant team members, agree on deadlines and work together towards achieving a goal.  

an image if a brown shirt guy juggling between multiple things freshrelease has to offer

Why do you need project management software?

Efficient task management 

Every project consists of a certain number of tasks or activities that need to be completed by the team members in an agreed time frame to accomplish goals. A great project management tool makes it easy to monitor progress and see how each team member is performing without having to individually make notes. This helps to prioritize important tasks periodically. 

Seamless planning

Freshrelease streamlines the communication flow, and most importantly, keeps it safe in one place. It helps teams collaborate with ease and stay updated constantly to plan their work. Managing everyday tasks becomes hassle-free this way.

Increased transparency

Managing multiple projects can be a hassle if team members don’t see what the others in the team are working on and how they’re contributing to the goal visibility in a team. Transparency creates a sense of accountability in each team member as to how their work contributes to the achievement of the overall goals. An efficient project management tool can be a single source of reference for everything related to the project.

Why choose Freshrelease over other tools?

Freshrelease comes powered with all the features required to manage your projects end to end.  Let's take a deep dive into what makes Freshrelease the ideal project management software for your business.

Project roadmap

A project roadmap gives a high-level view of your project’s vision, plan, and progress to your entire team.

  • Enhance visibility - Maintain transparency across your team on your project’s vision, plan, and progress. 

  • Track progress - Monitor how each team is doing at every stage. View your roadmap by months, quarters or years.

  • Organize better -  Break your big tasks into small ones and start working on them independently.


Roadmap in a kanban board

Kanban board

Kanban boards help you plan and visualize tasks, complete pending tasks, and increase your efficiency to perform better. 

  • Visualize progress - Kanban board enables teams to monitor their work progress easily. 

  • Reduce bottlenecks - Rich and visual boards help bring transparency in the team, avoid bottlenecks and also keep a check on work in progress.

  • Flexibility - Team members can also easily move work items between statuses, filters, and quick edit work items.

kanban board

Team collaboration

Freshrelease helps your team members work with, and seek help from others.  

  • Notifications - Post comments and @mention your team members inside any work item.

  • Track conversations - Preserve these contextual conversations and comments within the work item in case you need to refer to these conversations later. 


team collaboration with @mention

Smart delay prediction

Freshrelase helps you know in advance if a task is going to get delayed and spillover from the actual deadline. This way, teams not only understand whether they are fast or slow but also get to know what is causing a delay! 

  • Delay prediction in Freshrelease will show users the actual time a task spends in every status of its lifecycle and compare against the planned effort for that particular status and call out delays.   
  • Progress pulse emails - keep track of work easily, every team member part of a task will be notified when there is a delay through an email.  
predict delays with the freshrelease project management

Time tracking

Project members can log the time spent on items. This helps project admins and owners track the amount of effort a person has put into an item.

  •  Time logs- Time entries can be associated with the user working on the project. Users can build reports on the time spent on items. 
  • Export time entries - You can also export all time entries as a CSV and send it to your clients for billing.


billable non-billable hours time tracking

Actionable insights & reports

Know what's working and what isn't from easy to read insights. Find out how your teams are progressing.

  • Customization - Identify roadblocks and mitigate risks early. Build custom reports and display them on your dashboard
  • Reports - Send scheduled reports via email in PDF or Excel formats.
analytics and reporting in freshrelease project management

Track project milestones

With Freshrelease, you can link all your items and track them as project milestones.

  • Multiple items - Include multiple items to be tracked against a single milestone and track the progress towards this easily. 

milestone tracking