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Provide superior support to your E-commerce customers
Customers expect quick, proactive, and omni-channel support, and a negative experience can quickly turn a potential promoter into a vocal detractor. This collection features apps which top e-commerce businesses use to deliver superior experience throughout the entire support lifecycle. E-commerce businesses have to deal with a huge inflow of queries. Effectively manage your ticket inflow by merging repetitive tickets, auto-assigning tickets to the right owners, and creating other workflows. Omnichannel support is strongly correlated to overall customer satisfaction. Installing our telephony, social media, and channel integrations enable your agents to respond to queries from multiple channels without leaving Freshdesk. Reduce resolution time by providing agents with contextual information about customers and their recent orders. Agents can even modify orders and authorize refunds directly from the Ticket Details page. Once issues are resolved, you can also capture CSAT scores by sending surveys and feedback forms to customers.
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Mailchimp app solves all your mailing and managing troubles by bringing them inside your Freshdesk account
Attachment Manager
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Have complete control over all ticket attachments with this interactive attachments manager widget.
Hubspot CRM
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Integrating Hubspot with Freshdesk enables you to keep your support and sales teams up to date.
Auto Ticket Merger
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This app automatically merges tickets created by the same customer during a certain time span.
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Connect multiple stores, view order details, and even refund or cancel orders from Freshdesk. No more scrambling to find order details, and no more tab-switching to refund or cancel orders.
PayPal by ChargeDesk
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Manage PayPal payments inside Freshdesk. Refund payments, manage subscriptions, send invoices and much more!
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ChannelReply lets you manage eBay and Amazon messages as threaded Freshdesk tickets, with additional info from marketplace.
Stripe by ChargeDesk
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Manage Stripe payments inside Freshdesk. Refund payments, manage subscriptions, send invoices and much more!
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Want to boost your support team's productivity by leaps and bounds? Then this plugin is for you. With the Chargebee plugin, your support agents can view the complete subscription details of a customer in the support ticket.
Parent Child Synchronization
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Synchronize notes and replies between the parent and child ticket(s) and vice versa.
Magento 2
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The Magento 2 app lets you view your customers' information and their purchase history in Freshdesk.
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Integrate Instagram with Freshdesk to enable teams to manage Instagram comments from Freshdesk.