Reporting & Analytics
Freshsales Integration with for Professional Services Analytics
Stella Connect
Stella Connect is a software platform that increases agent happiness and supercharges coaching and QA.
Slemma for Freshsales
Slemma is a data visualization software which allows to build automatically updating dashboards on your Freshsales data.
Natero provides a Customer Success solution that works with Freshsales.
Daton - ETL
Use Daton to Extract, Transform and Load Freshsales data to a warehouse and support your analytics
Tealium for Freshsales
Tealium allows you to take action on your visitors in real-time based on their behavior.
Timely for Freshsales
Track the time spent on customer support in Freshsales with automatic time tracking from Timely.
ChurnZero for Freshsales
ChurnZero is a real-time Customer Success solution that helps subscription businesses fight churn.
Customer Satisfaction, NPS & Customer Effort Score survey for Freshsales