Reporting & Analytics
QuarterOne – free sales forecasts and reports
Free sales forecasts, reports, analytics and predictions.
Google task
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Manage your tasks more effectively by keeping Google Tasks synced with Freshsales
Slemma for Freshsales
Slemma is a data visualization software which allows to build automatically updating dashboards on your Freshsales data.
Plecto is a business dashboard designed to visualize Freshsales data and KPIs in real time.
Easy Insight for Freshsales
Power up your Freshsales! Create reports and dashboards, integrate other apps, and take action.
QuarterOne – sales forecasts and reports for free
Free sales forecasts, reports, analytics and predictions.
Bold BI
Build a custom Freshsales dashboard about your sales team’s CRM works to boost productivity.
Daton - ETL
Use Daton to Extract, Transform and Load Freshsales data to a warehouse and support your analytics
Tealium for Freshsales
Tealium allows you to take action on your visitors in real-time based on their behavior.
Timely for Freshsales
Track the time spent on customer support in Freshsales with automatic time tracking from Timely.
ChurnZero for Freshsales
ChurnZero is a real-time Customer Success solution that helps subscription businesses fight churn.
Google Analytics Connector
Automatically import Google Analytics information into Freshsales