User & Access Management
Detailr lets you access requesters' details directly in Freshservice's Ticket Details page.
Credit Card & Social Security Number Masker
Protect sensitive data in your tickets by masking credit card and social security numbers.
Okta Provisioning (SCIM)
Okta provisioning lets you automatically create and update requesters on Freshservice from Okta.
NoPassword is a SSO integration for Freshservice.
SAASPASS Multi Factor Authentication & SSO
SAASPASS is a Multi-Factor Authentication, Single Sign-on and Enterprise Password Manager being a comprehensive full-stack Identity and Access Management solution on the market.
Microsoft SCCM
This integration helps asset managers to sync their hardware and software inventory, as well as user information available in their SCCM with the Freshservice CMDB/Asset Management module & Requesters module respectively.
Microsoft Azure Active Directory
Manage user access and enable single sign-on for Freshservice using Microsoft Azure Active Directory
CA Identity Service
CA Identity Service enables secure and rapid adoption of Freshservice by providing predefined standards-based Single Sign-On.
You can ensure your employees have a secure access to Freshservice by integrating with miniOrange.
Hide or Disable Fields based on User Roles
App to hide or disable the ticket and change fields in Freshservice.
Oracle Identity Cloud Service
Oracle Identity Cloud Service can be configured to provide Single Sign-On (SSO) for Freshservice using SAML.
JumpCloud For Freshservice
Enable a single sign-on feature for Freshservice and other web applications.
Installing the JumpCloud app will provide a Single Sign-On (SSO) for Freshservice using SAML.