Prevent customer churn

Freshsuccess monitors key indicators of churn so you can proactively address:

  • Decrease in product usage

  • Surge in support tickets

  • Decline in Net Promoter Score

  • ... and more

Prevent customer churn using Freshsuccess


Grow and expand accounts

Find more advocates and account expansion opportunities. Freshsuccess can alert you about:

  • Seat utilization

  • Improvement in NPS

  • Increased product usage

  • ... and more

Grow and expand accounts


Be more productive

Never miss important customer touchpoints or lifecycle events. Freshsuccess can notify you about:

  • Overdue tasks

  • Upcoming renewals

  • Quarterly business reviews

  • ... and more

Proactive customer success


Create your kind of alert

Incorporate any customer attribute or metric using a flexible rule builder.


Use AND/OR combinations, evaluate behaviors, and check for specific lifecycle events. Freshsuccess lets you define the right proactive alerts for your team.

Customer alert builder