Why Freshstatus?


Branded public and Private status pages

Customize your status page to reflect your brand by adding your logo and social media links or by pointing it to a custom domain. With Freshstatus, your customer is always in the loop. Cut support cost, build trust by communicating status of your system to customers at all times. With Freshstatus private status pages, your team can now have an internal status page to keep all internal stakeholders informed in real-time.


Create and manage incidents with ease

Create incident, add real-time updates to the incident, change service status with a simple Twitter-like interface. Freshstatus comes with incident templates and editable updates and enables you to send email to subscribers or tweet to your followers, thereby giving you complete control over the incident’s communication. You can also post private messages and collaborate with your team, in context, with private notes.


Notify customers in real-time with email and Twitter integration

Just posting incident updates on your status page won’t cut it. To avoid outcry on social media, it is important to proactively inform your customers. This helps you avoid the avalanche of support requests and build trust. With Freshstatus send out instant real-time notifications via email & also keep all your twitter followers posted.


Scheduled maintenance and automations

There are times when you need to take the system offline for a major update or a simple health check. While you might work on picking a time that works for everyone, it's equally important to make sure that everyone is aware of the schedule. With Freshstatus, you just need to schedule it and we’ll do the rest for you. Customers are reminded at custom intervals and statuses are automatically updated.


Showcase reliability with historical uptime

Freshstatus lets you keep unlimited history of incidents & services’ availability. Showcase reliability of your services to your prospects by providing historical uptime. Also, with incident & maintenance history, be transparent about the system status & showcase how you have improved it over time.


Learn from every incident

Every incident, maintenance and service availability metric is tracked. For example, you can track the mean time to resolve an incident or frequency of incidents over time. These are just some of the many out-of-box incident insights that help your team learn from every incident & improve their overall response readiness. Also figuring out which services get impacted frequently hence need your close attention, will now become obvious with Freshstatus incident analytics report.

That's not all

Private notes in Incidents

Collaborate with your team, in context, in every incident with private notes.

Private RCA

With RCA, get to the root cause of an incident and make sure it doesnt repeat itself

Custom domain

Point your status page to status.yourcompany.com or any custom domain that refects your brand.