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Boosting everyday productivity with Office 365 and G Suite apps.
Your organization relies on a mix of tools offered by Office 365 or G Suite to get work done. No matter what your mix is, Freshworks Marketplace offers you a diverse set of apps to bring all those tools right inside your Freshworks products. With these apps, you can: -Stay on top of your calendar and manage meeting invites. - Browse and share files, such as FAQs, solution articles, best practices, and sales decks, from your storage. - Join video calls to address customer issues, extend IT support, or make a sales pitch. - Forward tickets to agents’ Outlook or Gmail for quick resolution and much more. In short, using apps in this collection, you can increase situational awareness in collaboration and reduce context fragmentation from switching tools for individuals and teams, thereby boosting everyday productivity.
Google Calendar
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Book appointments, schedule meetings and calls on your Google calendar right from within Freshdesk
Google Analytics
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Harness the power of Google Analytics to understand what customers are looking for in your support portal, which solution articles get the most traffic and improve customer service
Google Contacts
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Access and manage your requester information and contact details across all your Google accounts in your helpdesk
Office 365
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The Office 365 app for Freshdesk allows you to change ticket priority, assign agents, update ticket status, and open Freshdesk ticket right from your Outlook account without logging into Freshdesk.
Microsoft Teams
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Receive notifications in teams whenever there's an update on the tickets you are assigned to.
Gmail Migration App
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This tool helps you seamlessly migrate your emails from Gmail and provides agents the context they need without having to manually forward older threads to the helpdesk.
Google Hangouts Chat
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Receive notifications in Google Hangouts Chat whenever there's an update on the tickets you are assigned to.
Google Drive
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Get access to all your files and attachments from your Google Drive account inside your Freshdesk account
Microsoft Outlook Contacts
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Installing the Microsoft Outlook Contacts app will help you to easily synchronize contacts between your Outlook and Freshdesk account.
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Get access to all your files and attachments from your OneDrive account inside your Freshdesk instance.
Microsoft Skype for Business Adapter
Integrating Skype for Business with Freshdesk / Freshservice. This Skype4B based app provides integration to your existing Skype for Business interface and Freshdesk service management teams.
App Store and Google Play Reviews
Save your time by receiving user reviews and replying to them directly in your Freshdesk account.