Data Sync & Migration
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Sync marketing leads from Mailchimp with your Freshsales leads or contacts.
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Sync marketing contacts from Hubspot with your Freshsales leads and contacts
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Access the events tracked from your web or mobile apps using Segment libraries in Freshsales.
Google Contacts
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Import your Google contacts into Freshsales as Leads or contacts
Flatly for Freshsales
Auto-export Freshsales data to Google Sheets, Excel Online and CSVs in Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, etc.
Integrate Freshsales with 150+ marketing, sales and events platforms and automate workflows across your applications.
SyncSpider Freshsales
SyncSpider syncs Freshsales contacts, product details, and tasks with different sources in real-time
Create your customized scenario with Integromat. Automate repetitive tasks involved in using Freshsales and make your work easier.
Connect Freshsales to the apps you love with APIANT, a powerful, affordable and easy to use integration platform.
Automate and connect Freshsales with your entire tech stack. Centralize data to win more, faster.
Understand Your Setmore Customers Better with Freshsales
Sync your Freshsales contacts with FullContact via PieSync.
Akita provides a Customer Success solution that works with Freshsales
Dynamic Insight
Dynamic Insight provides an integration and automation platform for cloud apps and backend systems.
Slemma for Freshsales
Slemma is a data visualization software which allows to build automatically updating dashboards on your Freshsales data.
Outlook Contacts
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Import your Outlook for Office 365 contacts into Freshsales as Leads or contacts
Automate refunds, Send real-time notifications, manage deliveries, and delight customers.
Freshdesk V2
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Sync your Freshsales Leads and Contacts with Freshdesk Contacts.