Bots & Workflows
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The Slack app on Freshservice helps you raise tickets, resolve issues and get alerts on Slack.
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Automatically convert Yammer posts into tickets or ticket notes by integrating Yammer with Freshservice.
Enable end-to-end automation of various workflows with the Freshservice-Tonkean integration.
Box - Orch
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Perform operations on Box Users, Groups, Files and Folders.
Google Sheets - Orch
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Perform operations on Google sheets and spreadsheets.
SyncSpider Freshservice
SyncSpider will synchronize Freshservice data with different sources in real-time
Servicebot for Slack
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Provide instant resolution for your users and stay on top of your service desk with Servicebot
Google Calendar - Orch
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Perform operations on events in Google calendar.
Automate conversational experiences across the customer journey to delight your customers
MS Flow
Integrate Freshservice with MS flow to create and automate workflows across multiple applications and services.
Integromat for Freshservice
Integromat is an integration platform that connects apps and automates workflows.
Zoho Flow
Use Zoho Flow to integrate Freshservice with 300+ apps without writing code.
Azure Cloud - Orch
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Perform operations on virtual machines, virtual networks, disks, images and subnets in Azure.
Appy Pie's Connect
Appy Pie's Connect allows you to connect Freshservice with 100+ apps to automate your work.
Zapier lets you automate tasks between online applications. You can create Zaps that uses an action in one app as a trigger to perform an action in another app.
Microsoft Active Directory - Orch
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Perform operations on users, groups and computers in Microsoft Active Directory.
Workativ Assistant
AI+Automation SaaS platform to build a Digital Virtual Assistant for Freshservice.
Workativ Assistant for Slack
Build an AI+Automation powered Digital Virtual Assistant to complete Freshservice requests via Slack