Issue Tracking & Alerts
Atlassian JIRA
Identify and prioritize common problems with ease by integrating JIRA with Freshservice.
Quick View Requester Assets
Find out what assets are assigned to a requester without having to go to the requester profile
Quick Toggle Ticket Type
Quickly toggle the ticket type from Incident to Service Request and vice-versa.
Freshdesk App for Freshservice
Easily transfer customer support issues into your servicedesk that needs attention by the internal teams such as devs, process owners, admins etc.
Toggle Note visibility to Public
Freshservice defaults the visibility of notes to Private. This app overrides the default behaviour and sets the note visibility to Public by default.
Pivotal Tracker
Integrating Pivotal Tracker with Freshservice will provide a project planning tool for easy team collaboration.
Empower your IT department's teams to collaborate and organize their incident tickets.
IT Asset Management by Oomnitza
Oomnitza for Freshservice enables you to see rich asset information from Freshservice.
Instant search and trend for Freshservice Tickets
Customer Support Managers use Cx MOMENTS Search and Discovery to instantly find and trend customer tickets and interactions related to any specific topics.
Create work items in VSTS from Freshservice with this integration.
Integrate Freshservice with CloudMonix to get alerts on outages and route all critical instances to your Service desk.
Freshservice integration with AlertOps allows you to add escalations, multi-channel alerts, and workflows to your Freshservice tickets in real time.
Incidents that are recorded in Freshservice are sent to the right people based on on-call schedules by PagerTree after integration.
By integrating with OpsGenie, Freshservice users can receive notification on on-call schedules, emails, text messages, phone calls and iOS & Android push notifications and escalate alerts.