Ace customer service on WhatsApp with Freshchat

Your customers have adapted to the new normal. Freshchat's
best-in-class AI-powered messaging software helps your team do the same.



Manage multiple WhatsApp messages in one, single workspace.

Prioritize messages from multiple WhatsApp numbers. Serve your customers better by connecting with your favorite 3rd party tools to get full customer context, collaborate with your teammates remotely and more. 


Empower your team with a simple, yet powerful Inbox.

Whatsapp Integration Screenshot Whatsapp Integration Screenshot




Take intelligent self-service to your customers

Build and deploy complex decision trees on WhatsApp using our no-code bot builder. Let your team focus on meaningful work, while the bots resolve repetitive questions by providing precise answers instantly.


Automate resolution at scale.

Whatsapp Bot Screenshot Whatsapp Bot Screenshot




Provide the right information at the right time

Automatically send notifications at the right moment using Template messages. Attach images, videos and documents to these messages to add more context.

Notifications Screeshot Notifications Screeshot

Accessing the Freshchat - WhatsApp integration

The WhatsApp Business integration is available on the Pro and Enterprise plans.

1. Sign up for Freshchat to receive an email with the next steps

2. Provide the necessary details and apply for business approval by WhatsApp

3. Complete the OTP based setup and start using an official WhatsApp Business account with Freshchat

Do more with Freshchat!

Plug-in and use

Use the Marketplace to connect with tools like Freshdesk, Stripe, Calendly, etc

Route automatically

Route incoming messages to the right teams instantly and increase CSAT.

Analyze and Optimize

Derive insights from customer touchpoints and make business-critical decisions

Take service to customers

Use Freshchat with other digital channels like Messenger, LINE, Telegram, Messages, etc

Break the language barrier

Personalize your agent and customer experiences in 20+ languages. Automatically translate incoming messages

Secure your data

Use a robust and secure software that’s GDPR compliant


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