Interactions with physical stores are expected to come down by 50%
over the next 8-9 months


Customers who are moving online want to find your business
on accessible channels that they are already familiar with. 

Use WhatsApp for the entire customer journey

  • Marketing: Use social media or your website as entry points for WhatsApp conversations. Increase response rates by 50%.
  • Sales: Chat with customers for product discovery, consideration, and purchase.
  • Support: Reduce wait times and spends by 60% by diverting traffic from phone to WhatsApp.


Handle 3x queries with bots

  • Automate answers to common questions
  • Process payments, orders, and requests in real-time
  • Transfer to a human for high impact conversations
  • Analyze with custom and visual dashboards


Give your workforce everything they need to be  stress-free

  • Unified inbox across email, call, chat, and messenger apps
  • Better team KPIs with solutions that reduce time to response
  • Context-first inbox with customer timeline and an ecosystem of apps

Partner with Freshworks to make business on
WhatsApp successful

Freshworks is a verified Facebook Business Partner that will get you with early and easy access to your WhatsApp account

Brings conversations from web, mobile, and social messengers under one inbox

Connects with payments, order management, or CRM tools for real-time conversations on order updates, refunds, and more

Secure with OTP authentication, privacy modes, HIPAA and GDPR compliance

Simple pricing for teams of all sizes 

The WhatsApp API is available as an add-on, on the Garden, Estate and the Forest plans of Freshchat

In addition to the flat fee, WhatsApp charges a per message fee for Template Messages and this depends on the destination country.

Freshworks doesn't charge any other additional per message fee.

WhatsApp Pricing

Resources, guides, and tips 


68% of WhatsApp users agree that it's the
easiest way to contact a business

No credit card required.