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Provide superior support to your E-commerce customers
Customers expect quick, proactive, and omni-channel support, and a negative experience can quickly turn a potential promoter into a vocal detractor. This collection features apps which top e-commerce businesses use to deliver superior experience throughout the entire support lifecycle. E-commerce businesses have to deal with a huge inflow of queries. Effectively manage your ticket inflow by merging repetitive tickets, auto-assigning tickets to the right owners, and creating other workflows. Omnichannel support is strongly correlated to overall customer satisfaction. Installing our telephony, social media, and channel integrations enable your agents to respond to queries from multiple channels without leaving Freshdesk. Reduce resolution time by providing agents with contextual information about customers and their recent orders. Agents can even modify orders and authorize refunds directly from the Ticket Details page. Once issues are resolved, you can also capture CSAT scores by sending surveys and feedback forms to customers.
Hubspot CRM
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Integrating Hubspot with Freshcaller enables you to keep your support and sales teams up to date.
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The Freshsales app lets you handle all your sales-related troubles right from Freshcaller.
Freshcaller With WooCommerce Integration
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Freshcaller integration with Woocommerce helps agents view information related to customer orders.
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Freshdesk Contact Center integration with Shopify, a customer service solution built for a B2C
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Provide personalized support by viewing customers’ order details while on call.