Boost productivity by equipping agents with the right apps.
Accumulating overdue tickets, missing SLA’s, losing sales deals, and overworked, exhausted agents? Equip your agents with these powerful and feature-rich apps that facilitate easy access to files, seamless collaboration, effortless translations, and much more.
Using the Slack app for Freshdesk allows you to keep various groups on Slack updated about the status of tickets in your helpdesk.
Microsoft Teams
Receive notifications in teams whenever there's an update on the tickets you are assigned to.
Create and share a summary of problems faced by customers when you're working on tickets
Get to handle all your difficult timekeeping troubles without having to move from your Freshdesk screen
Attachment Manager
Have complete control over all ticket attachments with this interactive attachments manager widget.
Signature Management App
Signature management made easy on freshdesk. Simple to configure and use.
Custom Ticket Fields
Control the view of custom fields based on Product, Group or Ticket Type. If you have many custom fields in your helpdesk and want to disable or hide the unnecessary fields for a particular Group or Product, then this is the app for you.
Collaborate and keep your teams in sync by creating and linking tickets into Trello cards
Auto Ticket Merger
This app automatically merges tickets created by the same customer during a certain time span.
Google Drive
Get access to all your files and attachments from your Google Drive account inside your Freshdesk account
Hide/Disable Ticket Fields
This app enables you to hide and/or disable selected ticket fields for specified agents.
Translate Buddy
The Translate Buddy App gives your agents the power to communicate in any language they would like, by getting quick translations from the Translate Buddy app widget on the Ticket Detail screen.