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Boost productivity by equipping agents with the right apps.
Accumulating overdue tickets, missing SLA’s, losing sales deals, and overworked, exhausted agents? Equip your agents with these powerful and feature-rich apps that facilitate easy access to files, seamless collaboration, effortless translations, and much more.
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Provide remote assistance to requesters using TeamViewer App for Freshservice
Ticket Conversation Customizations
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Provide quick customizations for agents viewing their day to day ticket conversations
Dynamic Ticket Fields
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Dynamically set your ticket property behavior (show/hide/disable) based on your business rules.
Quick View Requester Assets
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Find out what assets are assigned to a requester without having to go to the requester profile
Ticket Due by property customization
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Provide easy view enhancements regarding due-by time deadlines for tickets.
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Detailr lets you access requesters' details on the Freshservice's portal.
Quick Resolver
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Quick Resolve button for tickets on the navigation bar.
Skype for Business
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Quickly initiate conversations with requesters and resolve tickets faster by integrating Skype with Freshservice.
Quick Toggle Ticket Type
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Quickly toggle the ticket type from Incident to Service Request and vice-versa.
Ticket time entry Customizations
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Provide quick customizations for agents regarding how they track time on their tickets.
Auto Ticket Merger
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Automatically merges tickets with the same subject created by a user within a certain time interval.
Asset Label Designer
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Print customizable barcode labels for your assets to improve asset tracking and increase productivity