A Business Recipe for a Productive and Happy Culture

Among the downsides of the pandemic, home-cooking is probably one of the positive trends that stands out of 2020. Putting up a nice meal at home allows us to come down, relieve stress and re-energise. And with travelling out of sight, cooking allows your mind to travel to faraway places. Last, but not least, a home-cooked meal is often healthier, saves you time (and money). So when our marketing team came up with the idea to make our own cookbook while working from home, we were thrilled! The 36 culinary recipes from all across the globe do not only reflect the cultural diversity of our company, but also our core values: simplicity meets creativity meets craftspersonship. 


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From another angle, the trend of cooking at home is another example how our behaviour is shaped by the pandemic and together with our customers, we are thinking a lot these days about shifting consumer needs and how to meet themLess than utilizing business software, we believe that the key to accelerate digital transformation is becoming more empathetic and making your customers and employees happy. So, as an addition to the cookbook, we reveal our secret business recipes for creating an inspiring, productive and happy culture – everyday. If asked what’s the recipe for success in business, we argue it’s happiness. Now keep calm and curry on with our business recipes! 

A Business Recipe for Happy Customers

The ingredients to a perfect customer centric “delight”

  • Base of Happy Employees 
  • 500 g of “Ask for Feedback” 
  • 10 tbsp of customer understanding powder 
  • Freshchat, Freshdesk and Freshcaller 
  • One large cup of AI 2 large pieces of contextualisation and collaboration 
  • A bottle of vintage “Wowing” wine


Happy Customers Business Recipe



  1. Before you start the preparation, make sure that you have a good base of happy employees on the table, this will be key for ensuring the success of your recipe. 
  2. Once your happy employees are out, start chopping a big piece of “asking for feedback”. The more feedback you get, the better you’ll understand your customers and therefore bake a delicious customer experience. 
  3. Once your understanding of the customer is sliced and ready to cook, ensure your base of happy employees gets 10 spoons of daily understanding of your customers seasoning. 
  4. After seasoning with “understanding your customer journey” bring the freshest omnichannel ingredients you’ll find in your market: chat, email and telephone. Stir your chat, email and telephone channels, add a big handful of AI, ensure the mix is properly stirred, you don’t want to create unwanted gaps between your channels. The success of your recipe resides in the perfect integration of your omnichannel ingredients. With the right quantity of AI, you’ll ensure your customer agents are more effective than ever before, but also that your customers are getting the needed answers- fast! Set your perfect mix of omnichannel and AI to one side for it to cool down. 
  5. Once cooled down, add big pieces of contextualisation and collaboration, to ensure your customers will always receive contextualised support, regardless of the channel of engagement. The more you personalise your customer experience, the more the amazing aromas of mouthwatering CX will come out. 
  6. Finish with a big sprinkle of “say what you do”, “do what you say”. A big glass of wowing will be the perfect match to your dish.

Simple business recipe with great results for customers:

Now you are ready to enjoy a great meal:

  • Fresh savours of customer advocacy and word-of-mouth 
  • Delicious positive brand image and credibility
  • Pleasant taste of returning customers

A Business Recipe for Happy Employees

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work and enabling employees to work from anytime and anywhere has been the biggest organisational challenge for IT departments in 2020. To master the transformation, businesses need technology as much as they need an agile workforce to adapt and evolve their skillset to the new normal of our workplaces.


  • 100 g of collaborative working 
  • 10 tbsp of the right technology 
  • 3 cups of intelligent automation 
  • 5 portions of happiness 
  • 1 full bag of recognition 


Happy employees


  1. Begin with a lightweight and agile platform to place all your chopped ingredients in. Make sure you have the right amount of each ingredient to ensure the final flavour is perfectly balanced. To get your base right, first and foremost make sure you give your employees the right technology that allows them to do their jobs efficiently. 
  2. Mix this with a big portion of collaborative working and you’ll find yourself with an explosion of flavour. 
  3. Next, add a sprinkle of automation at the right time and the right Happy Employees place to ensure you’re not over doing it with basic and repetitive tasks. 
  4. Then give your employees a side of their choosing—flexible working hours. Let them choose what fits best with their taste buds. 
  5. Don’t forget to season with recognition. This is important to bring to life those deep flavours that drive long-term motivation and enthusiasm. 
  6. And finally, garnish with happiness from the top down driven by your leadership

Simple business recipe with great results for employees:

Now you are ready to savour a great meal:

  • Tasty motivation and productivity
  • Fresh savours of business performance
  • Delicious taste of positive corporate image 

A Business Recipe for a Happy Sales Culture

For sales teams, meeting targets is a way of life. While sales leaders have long realised the importance of motivating employees to drive desired business outcomes, creating a happy sales culture has been a far less common goal for most companies. Can happiness be used as an indicator to predict sales performance? According to a recent research from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, it can. Happy sales teams that leverage a positive culture, use efficient technology and are run by  leaders that act supportive and empathetic, perform better.

  • A big slice of “managing what you measure” 
  • 500 g of the right technologies 
  • A big splash of energy, support and encouragement 
  • 5 cups of “create trust, not fear culture” 
  • A big handful of coaching and career development marinate 
  • 10 tbsp of have fun Method 


Happy Sales Report


  1. First bring out a big pan and grease it with clear goals and targets, then place your sales team inside it. Begin with your main, the right technology. 
  2. Add chunks of the right, easy to use and intuitive technology and marinate it with every sales rep. Make sure it’s properly marinated as you want the technology to flavour each and every single rep. 
  3. Place the marinated sales reps into the pan and cook with energy, support and encouragement. Giving each rep the time to cook equally throughout. 
  4. Now an important ingredient which can be hard to find, but if you look in the right places you will find it, Trust. Simmer sales reps with trust but be careful not to serve trust without the side dish of coaching and development.
  5. Together, this makes the perfect combination. Now for the greens, maintaining a positive relationship with managers. This is vital to ensuring your meal isn’t just tasty but is healthy and balanced. 
  6. For some seasoning remember to measure the right things at the right time. Measure too much unnecessarily, and you’ll over do it with the spice. 
  7. Finally, the sauce, the happy culture. Pour it all over your dish, as much as you like and this is where every sales rep is having fun.

Simple business recipe with great sales results: 

Now you are ready to savor a great meal:

  • Tasty motivation and productivity
  • Fresh savours of business performance
  • Delicious taste of positive corporate image


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