2019, Freshworks is on its way!

Freshworks had a rocking year in 2018, and we are taking a moment to look back at what happened in a year that was filled with so much activity.

There were product launches: Freshconnect and Freshping came alive this year, to much fanfare and excitement. Freshconnect is going to play a crucial role in our Freshworks 360 platform, and Freshping will help organisations prove their credibility to their customers free of cost.

This year was also easily one of the grandest years in terms of our marketing and branding efforts, testament to which were huge (and highly successful) campaigns for Freshworks.  We went to Las Vegas, calling on IT customers to ‘Change their IT Service, Now’. We flew a blimp over San Francisco, asking employees to ‘Revolt against Bloated CRM’.

We hit a major milestone of $100 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR) this year, and also raised our series G funding of $100 million, entering the famed unicorn club. 

Meanwhile, though we launched the Freshworks brand a year ago, this was the year we went big on that too, making sure everyone knew who we were.

This was also the year we organized our first ever user conference, bringing together our customers from across the world to New York. We unveiled what we were doing to make their work-lives even easier, and the innovations we were working on for them. It was spectacularly successful, exceeding our own expectations, and we returned from our event delighted and rejuvenated as an organisation.

And at the user conference, we also unveiled Freshworks 360, our all-in-one customer engagement platform, enabling our customers to take advantage of using multiple Freshworks products. If that wasn’t big enough, bounding out of the kennel came Freddy, the Freshworks artificial intelligence (AI) engine, enabling omni-channel capabilities across all our products. Both these announcements were huge hits, especially Freddy, whose tail-wagging cuteness won everybody’s hearts!

Phew. And these are just the big ones. All through the year, wins big and small all across our customer facing and internal teams: product, sales and pre-sales, support, customer success, demand generation, HR, and our operational teams made sure that we stayed on course to make the year into what it has been.

As I said, it’s been a ride.

We aren’t anywhere near done, though. The next year is opening up for Freshworks a whole new set of possibilities, opportunities, and achievements we want to get to, and break down. We have so many exciting activities planned and under construction that putting it all down here would make this a bit too long.

So wait for it. I promise you, it’s going to be fun.