Freshworks’ Covid-19 Business Continuity Plans — An update

To keep our employees, partners, customers, and prospects informed, I’d like to provide an update on our ongoing business continuity plans as it pertains to the Covid-19 pandemic.

At Freshworks, we are dedicated to the continued safety of our employees across the globe as the pandemic’s impact continues to evolve. Because of the business continuity plan that was put into place, we were able to quickly transition so that all employees could work and be productive from the safety of their homes.

For the most part, it’s been business as usual—albeit from a ‘Work from Home’ environment. We have been operating seamlessly when working remotely and all our different functions are enabled to support our customers and partners from wherever they are stationed.

In a real sense, we have moved from having 13 offices globally to more than 3,000 offices today—every place that our employees work out of is a virtual office of ours. Specifically in India, where a large part of our operations is based, we proactively moved into a Work from Home mode before the virus started spreading rapidly. All our employees remain safe and continue to work from the safety of their homes. We have ensured that they have the connectivity and the infrastructure to be comfortable and stay productive from their respective locations for as long as it takes.

To ensure continued operations, our extensive business continuity plans include, among others, distributing our network operations across multiple cities, which provides more coverage and mitigates risk. Our team members who support network, security, and other engineering operations are working from remote locations to provide continued product availability and reliability. We are a SaaS first and SaaS only environment. Through single sign-on authentication (SSO) we ensure that internal personnel have access only to those apps that are required for their role. To help eliminate other security threats, we’ve limited access to production environments via a secondary bastion host that is threaded through a secure VPN—providing the utmost threat protection.

Moving forward, we will not open up any office until the necessary safety, comfort, and productivity measures have been put into place at the local facility. Until that time we will continue to be in our present Work from Home mode. We continue to develop programs that support each employee’s physical and emotional wellbeing while ensuring that they can be as productive as possible. Also, we’ve notified our employees that they will not be required to return to the office environment until at least the end of the year.

Finally, we are immensely proud of the work that Freshworks is doing to support companies and people during the pandemic and are heartened to see the impact it’s having. We know that we are stronger together and will emerge from the pandemic empowered to serve our employees, partners, and customers with renewed passion and commitment to everyone’s success.

Take care and stay safe.