The Power of One: Freshworks Community

When we hosted our first user conference, Refresh, in 2018, about 400 customers turned up. Over two action-packed days in New York, our customers shared and discussed challenges, ideas and solutions, inspiring us and each other to be better together.

Then everyone went back. Although we at Freshworks always stay in touch with our customers, it was only at our next user conference the following year that we all got together again as one comprehensive unit.

The gap was too long for our liking. We missed the interactions, the shared learnings, that community vibe. We missed coming together as individuals and as a collective.

That got us thinking. Why restrict the sharing, ideating, networking, and growing together to just two days in a year? Our customers have more than just Freshworks as a common factor. They demonstrate the same passion that we have for innovation, growth, and customer delight. How could we harness this energy on one platform?

The answer was right in front of us. BRING YOUR CUSTOMERS TOGETHER – AN ONLINE COMMUNITY!

As we set out to build the Freshworks Community, the scope of our mission became larger, more encompassing. Sure, we would have our customers on Freshworks Community but what about the others? Surely there are other businesses working toward similar goals and tackling similar challenges as us and our customers.

Doing business is no longer about merely selling products or services. Businesses are now geared towards nurturing lasting relationships and creating meaningful experiences—it’s the age of the experience economy.  Across businesses, jobs and industries, many of us work hard to deliver valuable experiences to our customers. Here’s an opportunity for us to share, learn from each other, and belong.  


Launching the first-of-its-kind platform from Freshworks—the Freshworks Community. A platform for CX, ITSM, marketing, and sales stars to network, share and solve challenges. This global community is the ideal place to share best practices, learn from one another, inspire, and encourage peers so we can all become better together. 

The three pillars of Freshworks Community 

  • Engage
    Build connections that count. Engage with leaders and visionaries in your industry as well as with leading professionals from around the world. 
  • Educate
    Learn from the best and pay it forward. Trade ideas, actionable insights, tips and tricks, and ask questions to help create a great customer experience. 
  • Empower
    Share lessons, seek answers and meet your peers! The stage is open for discussions, debates, and finding solutions to the most challenging and interesting questions.

So here we are. NETWORK, LEARN, and GROW with Freshworks Community. Join us in our mission and be part of a group of people determined to make the world a happier place.