Uncomplicate-How to frame your content marketing strategy

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What makes good content? Is good content something that necessarily brings in more hits? Or is there something more to content than just traffic? How do you really engage people with your content?

Kieran Flanagan, vice president (Marketing) at HubSpot, has dealt with all these questions and has come up with the perfect answer. 

Before we jump into what HubSpot did, it’s prudent to look back and take a quick glance through history. HubSpot was revamping their content strategy a year and a half ago. During the process, they started thinking deeply about why they were creating content and what their ultimate mission was. After some serious introspection, they concluded that they were creating content to win the hearts and minds of every SMB and mid-market business. 

It was their ‘aha’ moment! 

HubSpot was convinced that content should cater to both the mind and the heart and thus split the content team into ‘heart’ and ‘mind’. 

The idea was simple, yet profound. 


The ‘mind’ team’s focus is to attract new readers based on search queries. How to build a sales team, how to enhance customer experience, what is inbound marketing, and other such queries. This team builds content to quench the thirst for knowledge as people are always searching for information on how to do things better. The mind team has a scientific process to identify these articles. 

HubSpot’s blog homepage for marketers
HubSpot’s blog homepage for salespeople

On the other hand, the ‘heart’ team looks at coming up with content which stand for the values that HubSpot wants to be known for. These topics appeal to the heart of the audience and creates an emotional connection. The content is predominantly social and other shareable formats like videos.


Talking to the ‘heart’ of the consumer

When these elements come together, content becomes a true game changer. 

HubSpot’s overarching vision is to cater to different personas—marketers, sales folks, customer success managers, individual contributors in sales & marketing, and others—with the right blend of mind and heart content. 

HubSpot has two editorial calendars to map the content.

“We look at all the topics that are relevant to these personas, and look at what the mind version of this looks like (with a lot of research), and what are the emotional stuff that will resonate for that topic,” said Flanagan. “In essence, mind content is all about pull—pulling people by giving them relevant information, heart content is about push—pushing stuff that will appeal to them.”

The best thing about the ‘dual engine’ approach is that it works. HubSpot is among the most read business blogs. The success of this unique strategy is there for everyone to see, learn, and emulate.  

This blogpost was co-written by Vignesh Jeyaraman. The blog was edited by Vinithra Madhavan Menon.