Boost Productivity with the Kanban Task View

Customer success managers (CSMs) have to be on top of all the time-critical tasks associated with the accounts and clients they handle. It always helps to have a well-synced list of task items requiring immediate attention to prioritize time and effort.

While most customer success/project management tools come with a list of tasks to be tracked toward completion, oftentimes, they either fall short with too little detail/context around the task or too much information presented in an overwhelming manner that fails to grab central focus.

Freshsuccess offers a new way to visualize your tasks. With Kanban Boards — a workflow visualization tool — Freshsuccess provides the right amount of visual information to reduce a mundane task list’s chaos.

Let’s get to the heart of this with an example. Here is a look at a list of tasks assigned to a CSM in Freshsuccess:

The list view above is exhaustive and throws too much information at a CSM trying to sift through the noise and find the line items that require their attention. 

In contrast, take a look at the tasks on Freshsuccess under a Kanban board view below:

With Freshsuccess’ task framework, CSMs can track all the work they are responsible for with their respective accounts, be it tasks associated with alert playbooks, tasks tied to goal templates, or manually assigned tasks specific to certain accounts.

For instance, onboarding new customers is a goal that comes with a list of tasks — which can be effectively visualized under the tasks module in the Kanban view when filtered by task type. 

There are four stages that a task can reside in—not started, in progress, completed, and on hold. This is how the workflow is set up: 

  • Tasks under “not started” can be moved into any other category quite effortlessly through a drag and drop mechanism. 
  • Tasks that are “in-progress” and “completed” are not allowed to regress to “not started.” 
  • Tasks under progress, however, can be moved under the completed column once they are addressed. 
  • Also, tasks that have been completed previously can be moved back under “in-progress” if there’s a reason to revisit them. 
  • Tasks placed on hold can be moved into the “in-progress” lane and taken to completion. 

Here’s how a task card in the Kanban view makes information readily available and actionable for a CSM:

Reading the Kanban task block

What’s better with the Kanban view

  1. Visually gauge the lifecycle/stage of completion of each task in a single pane
  2. Quickly assimilate the high-priority tasks that are either still in progress or not yet addressed and act upon
  3. Be aware of looming deadlines and complete the tasks on time
  4. Update task status by a simple drag and drop from one column to another
  5. Change the status on the task with the drop option and keep your Kanban page updated
  6. Sort through the list of tasks under a stage by the create date, due date, or priority in an ascending or descending manner

The Kanban board is an established project management/organization methodology that uses visualization to showcase and communicate the workflows when addressing to-do items.

With this task view, CSMs can quickly spot bottlenecks, prioritize their day and improve processes, leading to positive outcomes. 

If you are not comfortable using Kanban Boards, Freshsuccess still allows you to switch back to the ‘List’ view:

If you have any comments or questions about the new Kanban Board feature, contact your CSM.

If you’d like to see Freshsuccess in action, schedule a demo call with one of our experts.