Coming Soon: Efficient meetings management with Touchpoints

The true value of the customer success function is having a strategic relationship with customers, unlike support, which is tactical. This takes the shape of consulting, personalized advice, and support beyond routine tasks. One way to ensure that customers stick with a product is by making it easier to use your product to achieve outcomes and fulfill their expectations. Having regular interactions with your customers is one of the best ways to improve that experience.

Meetings form an important part of the role of a customer success manager (CSM). You have introductions, kick-offs, on-boarding, periodic checkpoints, renewals, quarterly business reviews (QBRs), and executive business reviews (EBRs). Not to mention the ad-hoc meetings to douse a fire, help with support tickets or initiate upsell, cross-sell initiatives.

CSMs have to drive high-value meetings with customers. Onboarding done poorly can impact the relationship throughout the lifecycle. QBRs or EBRs are really important as they are often reserved for the most strategic customers. Done right, these meetings, or touchpoints as we prefer to call them, are a great opportunity to showcase both your product’s and company’s value to your executive sponsor.

However, based on the feedback we received from our customers as well as our own customer success teams, we realized that meeting management is way beyond the actual duration of the meeting. You have to prepare for meetings, schedule them, take notes, cross-refer takeaways from earlier meetings and also follow up with the minutes, next steps, and actionable.

Pain points with meeting management

The most common issues that customer success professionals face with regards to meetings are:

  • It gets nearly impossible for CSMs to remember meetings, even for those handling smaller portfolios.
  • For CSMs, it’s a mental overhead to remember, prepare and schedule them.
  • During meetings, it’s difficult to take notes, or put them in the right place and follow up. Doing so elsewhere and then copying back into the tool adds to the rigmarole.
  • Managing multiple tools and switching tabs to schedule meetings, sending emails, and accessing other account details becomes a drag on productivity.
  • In addition, CSM leaders have no visibility of meetings happening, the takeaways, and the next steps.

Introducing: Touchpoints in Freshsuccess

At Freshsuccess, we realized the value that meetings can drive for companies. To alleviate these problems around meetings and make it easier for CSMs, we are introducing a new meetings management module in Freshsuccess – Touchpoints!

Touchpoints act as a personal concierge for managing the entire meeting lifecycle from scheduling, preparing, executing, and following up. It provides a simplified easy-to-use experience to view all meetings, schedule them, and take notes. With Touchpoints, all the meeting context can be linked back to the associated account without information silos. This means that unlike with files, emails, and chat logs, your meetings in Freshsuccess never get lost. What’s more is that with Touchpoints, CSMs can finally generate a one-click recap email to keep all attendees informed!

So what can you do with Touchpoints to boost meeting productivity?

  • Meet with context: Admins can add Touchpoints as part of goal playbooks. This helps CSMs to know the tasks and meetings they need to have with their customers to achieve the outcomes.
  • Schedule meetings from Freshsuccess: With Touchpoints, CSMs know when they need to schedule a meeting. They can then choose templates and send across invitations right from Freshsuccess. Native integrations with Google Calendar and Outlook365 mean that switching to your email app to check schedules and send out invitations is a thing of the past.
  • Unify scattered information: Touchpoints unites scattered meeting information across tools. A full-screen meeting workspace’ helps to retain context and make it easy to take notes, view agenda points, and update tasks during meetings all from a single place, and it gets reflected across relevant modules.
  • Make follow-ups methodical: Finally, all of these updates/takeaways/action items are recorded into a recap email which can be sent with a click to your customers and teammates.

To recap, Touchpoints helps customer success managers to stay in control and manage customer interactions for multiple accounts across the entire lifecycle. Touchpoints help you realize benefits such as:

  • Get an overview of all meetings – completed and upcoming
  • Collaborate with context
  • Drive productivity before, during, and after every meeting

Get in touch with your CSM to know more about how you can level up your meetings with Freshsuccess Touchpoints!