Coming Soon: Deliver Measurable Results with ‘Success Goals’ and more new features!

We have been working closely with our customers these last few months to add brand new functionality to Freshsuccess. We have combined your feedback with emerging trends in the customer success space to both build exciting new features and to rebuild key aspects of the product to improve productivity and usability.

We have reimagined Workflows by adding trackable metrics and termed it Success Goals. We have simplified the user interface and administration of tasks, alerts and email notifications. We have also made it easier for users to prioritize and manage their tasks with Kanban boards. There’s more. 

Here’s a sneak-peek into what’s in store for the October 4 release!

The highlights

Measure your ROI with Success Goals

We are excited about the upcoming release of Success Goals—an industry-first feature to measure the ROI of your customer success efforts. It will replace Workflows on October 4.


Success Goals helps you define what will make your customers successful, build a plan to help attain that success, and easily track and quantify the progress towards that metric. 

Further, administrators can define custom playbooks and use Goal automation to prescribe Goals that customer success managers (CSMs) need to finish to keep their portfolios healthy. This allows standardization of a framework at every stage of the customer lifecycle across the team as well as measure and report against it.


Note: This change will have no impact on your data. All your active Workflows will automatically get converted to Goals and will not require any action from your end. Workflows reporting and dashboard will be replaced with relevant Success Goals reporting.

Save time with Kanban board for tasks

Manage tasks faster than ever with a Kanban view. Kanban boards allow for visualization of your tasks as cards placed in columns by status.  This new view offers filters by priority, account, or any other task attribute to get a snapshot of ongoing work.  And, with the drag-and-drop functionality, you can quickly update the status of your tasks.


Start your day with an organized, more actionable dashboard:

We have organized the dashboard widgets to allow you to focus on what’s important by making it cleaner and more actionable. CSMs get a quick snapshot of their goals, tasks and alerts that need attention as well as a consolidated view of their portfolio by engagement stage, besides key financial metrics and the health of those accounts. 


This is where you start your day so we have ensured that you can get a lot done right from the dashboard itself. Such as dismissing alerts that do not require your attention or quickly navigating to relevant sections inside Freshsuccess by simply clicking on the metric you want to deep-dive into. 

Reduce business risk with access restrictions for tasks and goals:

Previously, all users could edit a task if they had access to it. With this release, only task owners or users with ‘Manage public objects’ permission enabled can edit it. In addition, only users with account-access can view an account-related task. To view a task that isn’t related to a portfolio account, they must be an owner or watcher. This helps protect sensitive customer data and ensures CSMs can only access information that they need to do their jobs. 

Also, tasks that didn’t have an Account ID associated with them were globally visible. With the new upcoming changes, they will only be visible to the owner and watchers.

Public, private, and quick lists for tasks & goals:


We are extending the permissions model noted above to include list views of your tasks and Success Goals. 

  • Default lists will now be referred to as Quick lists which is a curated set of lists created by the administrators. 
  • Custom views will now be referred to as Private views which are the views that a user has set up and will not be visible to other users. 

We have introduced a Public views list for users who have ‘Manage public objects’ permission enabled. These users play the role of a lists curator who create views and make them available for other users to consume. 

Stay up-to-date with new email notifications

Get your portfolio updates straight to your inbox with a handful of new email notifications. Configure your Email Settings to control the kinds of emails you’d like to receive—from individual notifications on changes to tasks and goals to summary emails. 


Send alerts to an email 

Send alerts to your

  • Slack channel using the Slack email app; 
  • Support email address to create tickets from an alert;
  • Group inbox for any other business case.


Get to Inbox Zero for Alerts:

We have made a few changes to alert notifications so you can be more effective with managing your alerts. 

Alerts has been transformed to be notification items that can be: 

  • Acknowledged: which is equivalent to dismissing an alert and taking no action,
  • Actioned: which is equivalent to dismissing an alert and creating a task.


A few changes to take note of:

Auto-generation of tasks from alerts is being discontinued

  • The existing auto-generated tasks will not be affected by this change.
  • Tasks can be manually created from alerts and users will continue to receive email notifications of alerts.
  • Going forward, Goals can be auto-deployed from alerts which provides a much more efficient way to action on alerts.


A friendlier, less cluttered Alert Rules settings page

An elegant redesign that makes it easier to create alert rules.


Attach files to tasks and goals

Previously, files could not be attached at the task level. It will be possible now. With Workflows changing to Goals, you will continue to be able to attach files—no changes there!


What do these changes mean for our customers?

Customers renew when they get value from your product and services, and it is up to the CSMs to showcase and drive that value. These new and more powerful features will enable you and your teams to: 

  • Quantify delivered value using trackable business metrics as you work through the tasks associated with a Success Goal. 
  • Higher levels of control over how access to customer data is managed thereby enabling administrators to reduce business risks. 
  • Be more productive thanks to the ‘fresh’ new look and feel of these features with an emphasis on simplicity and ease of use.

You will be able to access all these features by signing in on or after the release date (October 4).


Reach out

We continuously strive to empower and empathize with our customers so that you can, in turn, provide more value to your end-users and build customers-for-life. Reach out to your Freshsuccess customer success manager for any queries.

If you’d like to see Freshsuccess in action, schedule a session with one of our experts.