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Why it is important to put your customers first

Written by on April 9, 2019

If I asked you to name brands that place customers at the centre of all their functions, at the very core of their business, brands that make you truly feel connected with them… how many names reflexively come to your mind?

I’m willing to bet my life that you will only arrive at four, at most, five names.

What does that tell you?

In today’s world, where products are easily duplicated, brands undercut each other with their pricing, there are no boundaries when it comes to selling. In such a cutthroat world, customer experience is a pivotal tool that, if used right, can make your brand stand out amidst the crowd.

But yes, I agree, that’s been said multiple times, it’s not anything new. Being truly customer first comes with it’s own set of challenges. Providing the right kind of support, hiring the right talent, scaling culture – are just some of the barriers to overcome, to ensure that you give your customers the experience they deserve.

Over the last few years, I have spoken to hundreds of our customers, and have found that there are a few basic questions we need to find answers to in order to make them feel they’re our priority.

The set of basic questions includes:

  • How do I ignite the customer obsession culture?
  • How do I provide the right experience for my customer at every digital touch point?
  • How does support change as I scale?
  • What traits to look for when hiring for support teams?

But there’s a fundamental flaw that sometimes gets sidelined when we think up strategies to ensure that we always put our customers first. We tend to inadvertently ignore our happy, long-term customers, just because they have no complaints. But this is no reason to not give them the attention that they deserve. This got me thinking.  

  • What if we could turn our existing customers into advocates?
  • Should one set up a customer success team? If yes, how does one hire accordingly?
  • What if I can draw more value to my existing customers and have a positive impact on the revenue?

If you are someone with an active business, these questions are probably already buzzing in your head. If not, it’s time to start thinking about them, and bringing them to the forefront.

To be honest, we didn’t have any of the answers either. So what did we do? We brought together over 25 leaders from customer support and customer success, to discuss and provide insights into problems that businesses face.

These are VPs, CxOs, and heads of departments from brands that you love, such as Amazon, HootSuite, Typeform, Gainsight, Linkedin, Freshworks, Segment. If you recall the brands you love, chances are that one of these folks are heading their customer facing teams.

Examples, insights, lessons, and frameworks that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, coupled with new experiences to be made, and priceless experiences to share…you name it, we have it!

The Freshworks Customer First Summit is geared up and ready to redefine the way we look at customer experiences and putting the customer first, giving you customers for life.

So what are you waiting for? Register and start listening!

Praveen Ramesh

Praveen Ramesh is the Community & Outreach Manager with Freshworks. In his primary role with the marketing team he blogs, vlogs, and runs campaigns for increasing brand awareness. When not thinking about marketing or service desk adoption, you can find him watching cricket matches from yesteryear and supporting Liverpool.