CMO’s Notebook – The #Failsforce Campaign

This week, Freshworks’ Failsforce blimp takes to the skies over Dreamforce to highlight how first generation cloud CRM platforms have failed to meet the needs of SMBs.

The SaaS industry was born 20 years ago in a burst of optimism about the promise of the Internet and its ability to transform the experience of software for businesses.

But it’s not all gone according to plan.

While the impact, economics, and security of SaaS are undoubtedly positive, many SaaS products have failed to empower end-users with experiences that could make their daily tasks easier.


And that’s the purpose of the blimp – to draw attention to the complicated, frustrating, and expensive cloud CRM solutions which too often deflate SMBs.

The sky-blue, clear message we want to say is this: It’s time for companies to feel lighter and let go of their bloated cloud CRM solutions. They can now replace the solutions with refreshingly-simple customer engagement cloud software.


The #Failsforce hashtag will be used to highlight what’s wrong with the current cloud CRM market.

And there’s plenty wrong there.

According to a new study, Riding the Next Wave of SaaS CRM, commissioned by Freshworks, 69% of SMBs say they will replace their CRM solutions and 56% of them are already making plans to replace within the next two years.

More than 25% are already looking for more efficient, user-friendly systems that aren’t as costly and don’t require as many IT resources as systems that currently dominate the market.

freshworks hit refresh

In other words, most SaaS enterprise offerings are too hard to use for a significant portion of the end-user population and take too long to implement. This is not what the SaaS ‘revolution’ promised.

Hence, we are starting our own revolution against, big, bloated, clunky software – #Failsforce

Throughout the week, Dreamforce attendees will have ample opportunities to refresh themselves with Freshworks. We want to keep you refreshed enough to take a stand, after all.

freshworks hit refresh

Here’s what else we have in store for Dreamforce attendees:

We’ll be serving free coffee and snacks through the day at the Refresh Lounge at 717 Market Street in San Francisco, and will also hand out gift cards from local juice and smoothie vendors. In addition, registered attendees will have the opportunity to win daily prizes and also participate in a grand prize—a trip for two to the Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. 


Dreamforce attendees can also refresh their minds and souls, courtesy Freshworks. Registered attendees can take up free yoga, barre, spin/cycle, and fitness classes during the week at the Equinox Sports Club at 747 Market Street in San Francisco. This is from the 25th to 27th.

That’s not all. Watch this space as we keep updating you on what else is happening on the ground in San Francisco.