Refresh 18 – Freshworks’ first Global User Conference

There’s nothing quite as exciting as the prospect of something new and challenging. Here at Freshworks, we have something simmering away constantly, waiting for the right time to make its way onto the menu. On the heels of our latest round of funding, we have another exciting announcement to share with you.

We are thrilled to announce our first ever global user conference, Refresh 18, which will take place in New York, on 11 and 12 October this year. We’re bringing users of all Freshworks products under one roof. This makes Refresh 18 a unique gathering of professionals from the customer support, ITSM, sales, and marketing industries. It is guaranteed to make for simulating engagement.

Get ready to collaborate, engage, learn and be inspired like never before!

The theme is designed to ‘Engage the Future’, consisting of two days packed with exciting sessions. They include keynotes from industry leaders, technical learning sessions, hands-on workshops, panel discussions, networking sessions, and certification opportunities.

Why engage the future now?

Time, tide, and technology wait for none. Technology is evolving at a breakneck speed and so is the growing presence of AI, ML, NLP, bots, et al in our daily lives. Freshworks is at the crux of this evolution and aims to set a trail, allowing path-breaking technology to accelerate the growth of experience management.

Refresh 18 is the perfect platform to engage the future!

What’s in store?

We have three main tracks that attendees can pick from:

  • Freshdesk – Customer Support & Helpdesk

Delivering moments of ‘WOW’ to our customers is what keeps our wheels turning. Keeping up with customer requirements and engaging with customers across every channel is priority for us. The Freshdesk track revolves around the core concepts of omnichannel support and the role of AI in providing a great customer experience.

  • Freshservice – IT Service Management

We live in a world where IT plays a significant role in the success of any organization. The importance of IT Service Management is also increasing exponentially. IT teams of the future need to enable faster resolutions for employees to keep them efficiently focused on the organizational goals. The Freshservice track will discuss the evolution of service management and provide actionable takeaways on improving employee experience.

  • Freshsales – Customer Relationship & Sales

Building and scaling a successful global sales team and accounting for every lead can be quite a task. Finding the right leads, running a great sales campaign, designing an engaging sales pitch, and having a 360-degree view of your customer through the entire journey is what defines a successful sales team. The Freshsales track will focus on making your CRM experience sharper and more productive.

There’s a lot to take home from Refresh 18:

  1. Gain in-depth knowledge of our products – Freshdesk/Freshservice/Freshsales
  2. Discuss best practices of the industry and the product
  3. Learn about the key insights and takeaways of proven success stories from our customers
  4. Certification: Become a Freshworks certified Freshdesk/Freshservice/Freshsales Professional by the end of the event
  5. Explore the Freshworks platform and our other offerings that’ll help grow & run businesses more efficiently

All good things must come to an end, but Refresh 18 has a little more mileage to keep going!

We’ve set up the ‘Freshworks Experience Center’ which showcases all our products, giving you the real pulse of Freshworks. Besides that, we’re also giving the attendees a sneak peek into some of the really cool products that we are building.

 In order to keep our spirits high, we’re also throwing a party on the opening night, worthy of New York. We fully intend to live up to the standard of “the city that never sleeps”, with an experience to remember.