Chatbots for sales

Salespeople are always looking for ways to convert online traffic into leads. To do this, all user interface efforts are aimed at guiding visitors to a landing page where they can choose to provide their details. And if they fit the requirements, they are qualified as a lead. Obviously, this process is long-drawn, and the end result is an average of 2.35% of website traffic converted into leads on a landing page across industries.

Today, online businesses can also use live chat to proactively reach out to visitors and convert more leads. Not only do your conversion rates increase because you have the full attention of the visitor, but you can also craft responses that speak to the specific challenges they face and therefore have a higher chance of converting them. However, live chat is hard to scale when you want to provide 24/7 availability and have limited team bandwidth. In fact, nearly 30% of all live chat conversations are left unattended. 

This is where chatbots come to the rescue of sales teams. 

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Improve your sales process with chatbots


Progressive profiling (getting information from your visitors over a period of time) before qualifying them into leads, is done best with chatbots. Track how visitors interact with your website and on what pages. Then, train your chatbot to trigger questions along their journey. It’s proven to have a higher conversion rate when you talk to your visitors over time. 

Chatbots work across your sales funnel.

Chatbots can work across your sales funnel. To make the most of chatbots, here are the ways you can use it in each stage of the funnel. 

Lead Generation

Proactively reach out to visitors and provide relevant information to grab visitor attention. Offer compelling content and calls to action to convert them into leads.

Lead Qualification

Qualify leads by collecting information from visitors and understanding their intent. Have engaging conversations by asking questions and providing actionable insights. 

Order Completion

Use chatbots to enable purchases. When visitors make the decision to purchase, the chatbot sets up for payments, provides necessary documents and prepares for on-boarding. 

Here's what you should achieve at every stage of your funnel

Chatbot sales funnel Chatbot sales funnel


When deciding on a chatbot service, analyze your sales funnel and identify interactions and processes that can be automated. Remember, chatbots can take over interactions that are repetitive or methodical for live chat agents. 

Look for a chatbot that fits your business needs.

When implementing chatbots within the sales funnel, it’s important to find a provider who offers extensive capabilities where automation can fill in online sales gaps. Your chatbot software should be able to:

Trigger Messages

Chatbots can automate trigger messages to nudge site visitors into action. Trigger messages are similar to pop-up displays that appear once you enter a website, but it’s within the chat widget. Unlike pop-up displays that end up hiding content on the page,  and offer only one-way communication,  chatbots are personalized and conversational without hiding the page contents.

Automatically escalate to sales reps

Chatbots can be trained to automatically transfer the chat to an agent based on customer intent. There are two instances where agent hand-off is useful. First, to handle frustrated customers, and second, to resolve queries beyond the abilities of a chatbot.

Integrates with CRM

Once the chatbot qualifies leads, it automatically sends the leads to the CRM. This makes keeping track of leads much easier and helps sales teams stay productive.

Automatically schedule meetings with sales

With chatbots, you can add widgets of third-party apps such as Google calendar, in order to expand the capabilities of the bot.  In fact, getting appointments is still the biggest problem faced by visitors when interacting with online businesses. Chatbots easily eliminate this problem. When the visitor requests to set up a meeting with the sales team, they can do it within the chat widget.

Connect across languages and platforms

If your customers are globally located, then you’ll want a chatbot that can communicate in several languages and integrate with channels other than your website (like WhatsApp for Business and Apple Business Chat).

Improve your sales KPIs with the help of chatbots.

Conversation Starter Messages

Find out how many conversations were initiated by the campaigns run with your chatbot. Analyze the number of times the messages have to be displayed before the customer shows interest. 

Number of leads qualified

Measure the numbers of leads qualified by the chatbot. Find out if you need to adjust the criteria to get high-quality leads. 

Conversion rates

The rate at which customers move along the sales funnel will be faster with chatbots because they are likely to have their queries address within a shorter time frame. This will, in turn, lead to faster decision making.

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