A messenger right inside your helpdesk


A messenger right inside your helpdesk

Assign, respond to, and resolve conversations

Assign conversations to team members or groups and respond to them from the messenger.

Get all the context to support better

Know who your customers are - their profile, navigation path, and support tickets to reply with context.

Be on the top of every chat

Get notified about an incoming message or response made on an ongoing message to act in real-time.

Convert conversations into tickets

Resolve conversations and choose between converting them into a new ticket or appending to an existing one.

Freshdesk's Messaging + Support Desk 
= Happy, engaged customers

Measure in real-time

Get a visual summary of your helpdesk and team member performance in real-time. Measure speed of response and resolution, conversation trends, CSAT ratings, compare between metrics, and deep dive into any team member performance.

Route messages intelligently

Increased chat volumes, lower CSAT levels, and scanty team resources? With IntelliAssign, route messages based on your team member’s chat load and skill levels - beginner, intermediate, or expert.

Sync FAQs inside the messenger

Transport all Freshdesk FAQs inside the Freshdesk Messaging messenger. Give your customers the comfort of browsing for solutions and chatting with you at the same time. Make self-service silo-free and deflect the number of support tickets your team gets.

WHY FRESHdesk messaging

Do more than supporting - 
Onboard, engage, and retain customers



Proactive messaging

Talk to your users and engage them in the moment - on your website or your in-app. Send proactive messages that drives them to take an action - fill a survey, give feedback on a feature, or upgrade to a pricing plan.

Proactive Messaging




Contextual information

Get all the context you need to make data-backed and confident conversations. Know who your visitors are, what they are up to, and pull data from external apps like CRM or order management systems using SmartPlugs

Contextual Information





Multi-channel messenger

You gotta catch ‘em all and keep ‘em all. Use the Freshdesk Messaging messenger wherever your customers are - your website, mobile app, in-product, or social DMs. Bring conversations from all these channels inside one team inbox.

Multi-Channel Messenger




Integrated self-service

Don’t make self-service another silo. Integrate your self-service and messaging experience - bring all the FAQs inside the messenger to reduce the number of support tickets you receive and give your customers the liberty to talk to you and browse fo solutions at the same time

Self Service

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