Let customers find you where they find their friends and family

Use WhatsApp for Customer Service

  • Allow customers to opt-in for your business to engage on their WhatsApp inbox
  • Send customer-friendly responses using text, images, canned responses, attachments and even GIFs
  • Instantly resolve issues and provide solutions directly in WhatsApp
  • Connect to multiple WhatsApp Business accounts. Manage and respond to conversations from a single, unified dashboard
  • Send notifications like travel or event tickets, hotel bookings, order delivery updates directly to customers' WhatsApp inbox

Manage the world's most powerful business messaging channel from a single, unified dashboard

Freshchat helps you respond and manage conversations from WhatsApp - at scale. Integrate with your CRM, order inventory, payment systems for a seamless experience. Further, use intelligent assignment rules for routing and advanced analytics to measure performance.

Route chats without breaking a sweat

  • Automate time-consuming tasks like chat assignment using advanced Assignment Rules in Freshchat
  • Auto-assign conversations to the right agents/groups based on keywords, and properties collected by your bot
  • Further, auto-distribute chats evenly based your agents’ workload and   skill-level

Learn more about Freshchat's routing and assignment capablities.

Measure and improve team performance

  • Proactively calibrate team activity and responsiveness, customer satisfaction with real-time reports
  • Measure team productivity, chat volume over time to boost productivity
  • Analyse conversation trends with customer labels to get actionable insights 

Engage your customers from where they are...

Go beyond just WhatsApp. Use Freshchat’s powerful omnichannel inbox to respond and manage conversations coming from your website, mobile app, Facebook Messenger and Apple Business Chat.

...by paying just for what you use

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