Freshping launched by Freshworks

Launching Freshping – a Free Tool for Website Uptime Monitoring

Written by on September 6, 2018

Say hello to Freshping, a free tool from Freshworks for website uptime monitoring and building public status pages.

This is not the first time we have launched a tool that is slightly off the orbit from the Freshworks solar system. We wouldn’t fault anyone for wondering what a website monitoring tool is doing in a lineup so focused on the idea of customer engagement.

Allow us to explain: It fits like a glove.

Freshping might be a humble website downtime alert tool, but when it integrates with Freshdesk, it allows support teams to create tickets automatically during downtime. With its capability to monitor network calls, websockets, TCP/UDP ports, and its Freshservice integration, Freshping gives your IT teams the power to carry out incident management even when a device or service is down.

Apart from these integrations that enhance the Freshdesk/Freshservice experience for our customers, there’s a deeper story here.

It started a long time ago.

We are a customer-first company, and we have over 70 web pages or services that needed to be monitored for downtime, all the time. This is essential in order to ensure that we are available to our customers around the clock. We wanted a simple yet reliable tool and came across Insping, which had already reported close to a million downtimes with almost zero false alerts!

From there on, the story wrote itself. We acquired the tool, revamped it, and initially used it internally. Whenever one of Freshworks’ 70+ URLs would go down, the SRE (Site Reliability Engineer) would get an email and an SMS after which a notification will be pushed to the relevant internal Slack channel.

We also built features like multi-user login, enabling our larger teams to come together and bring web pages back live faster.

As the journey progressed, we found ourselves with a website uptime monitoring tool that worked like a charm for us. Thus, Freshping was born.

But why make it free?

Because we are not in the website monitoring space.

Then why have it?

A sizeable number of our customers are SMBs, and we are who we are right now because of the SMB community. A lot of customers share the same needs and challenges that we do; and in order to find solutions to them, have been shelling out exorbitant amounts for mediocre products.

With the capacity to monitor up to 50 URLs at one minute intervals, the luxury of having five public status pages, and being completely free, Freshping is extremely valuable for bloggers, freelancers, and website development and marketing agencies.

Freshping is our way of giving back to the community that built us.

And we are proud to have given back something of this quality. In fact, Freshping (listed in the link to follow as Insping) is already the top alternative to Pingdom on

The soft launch on Product Hunt was a success, and it became the most upvoted product of not only that day but also the corresponding week.

Freshping also boasts a 4.8 star rating on Capterra & G2crowd.

So go ahead: try Freshping for your business, and make your customers’ experience better. Don’t worry, this one’s on us!

Shylesh Ananth

Product Manager. Part of the same compost heap :)