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Launching Freshstatus – Free hosted status pages

Written by on March 6, 2019

At Freshworks, we are obsessed with creating refreshing software that empowers businesses to improve customer engagement. We believe that every business, small or large, deserves the right to a public status page, to be transparent and build trust with its customers, to showcase reliability with historical uptime, and to inform customers of upcoming maintenance. We realized that communicating errors and outages, is a vital part of this customer engagement chain.

This little epiphany lead to us building Freshstatus. A better status page that allows businesses to communicate to their customers about system status, downtimes, incidents, and maintenances- all for free.

When we wanted a simple status page for each of the eight products in the Freshworks suite, we were surprised to find that a simple status page that lets a business configure services and communicate incidents or statuses, is exorbitant. There was no way a small business could have a hosted public status page without shelling out huge amounts of money.

So, when we sat down to build a status page product for ourselves, we thought we could make it free for all growing businesses.  And thus, Freshstatus was born.

What can Freshstatus do?

Freshstatus allows businesses to communicate various types of system statuses, incidents, and scheduled maintenances. Businesses can choose to showcase reliability with historical uptime and incident history. Incidents and maintenances can also be sent via email to subscribers or tweeted to followers in real-time. Editable updates and time duration features also give you complete control over the message you want to communicate with the customers.

Maintenance automation and reminders allow you to remind customers about upcoming maintenance and also peacefully work on maintenance when we take care of changing statuses and mailing subscribers. Freshstatus also supports private status pages (IP whitelisting), and has features that allow you to collaborate with your team to resolve any incident quickly.

Why is Freshstatus free?

We were asked this question when we launched our first free product Freshping, and we’re answering same question again.

As was the case the last time we launched a free tool, this time too, the idea is to give back to the community that brought us where we are today. We believe that we are here because of the SMB community, and we want to contribute to the community, by doing what we do best, i.e, enabling customers to grow and engage their customers better.

In just five months since the launch, Freshping has won over 11,000 users. A lot of them have been requesting us to make a tool that helps with incident communication and control over system status communication. With Freshstatus, we’ve given them what they want and need.

Shylesh Ananth

Product Manager. Part of the same compost heap :)