Introducing Freshworks 360 – The ultimate customer engagement suite

In 2007, Apple turned the consumer electronics world on its head by shipping the iPhone and merging multiple product categories into one beautiful customer-centric device.

Freshworks 360 - The iPhone connection

In 2018, here at Freshworks, we are delighted to launch Freshworks 360, the cloud software that promises to turn the SaaS world on its head by combining what used to be separate sales, marketing, and support products into one beautiful customer engagement experience.

An oddity of the SaaS industry has been its obsessive focus making products that appeal almost exclusively to large enterprises. While the cloud changed the delivery system, it didn’t really hit refresh on what features users need and what they don’t – like the iPhone did. SaaS companies mostly ported existing products like sales force automation, call center, and marketing software to the web but didn’t ask if that was what their users and customers actually wanted. The result? A lot of bloated software that most users dread using.

Freshworks 360

Our mission at Freshworks is to take a fresh, organic approach to each of these different users and create a beautiful, unified experience that helps our customers wow their customers. Freshworks 360 combines the power of sales, support, and marketing software together so that you not only communicate more effectively, but also keep track of the full 360º view of your customer data. For example, one of the modules included in FW360 is Freshsales which not only keeps track of customer contacts and history but also includes powerful email marketing and web tracking that unifies the sales and marketing  experience. Some of our users call this “smarketing”.

Freshworks 360 seamlessly takes all this customer history and passes it on to the support teams so they are always aware of the background of any given customer whether they’re engaged on the phone, through chat or social channels.

And speaking of channels, Freshworks is the first, truly omnichannel customer engagement platform that combines customer-driven communications with best of breed CRM and helpdesk software. Whether it’s via deeply integrated voice, email, chat, messaging, or social media feeds, customers can reach Freshworks 360 users instantly through their preferred channel. Whether you tweet a ticket or tag your sales representative by phone, Freshworks empowers its users to instantly respond to the most pressing customer inquiries.

This level of integration is truly a thing of beauty and is what inspires us to continue to hit refresh on worn out boundaries between sales and support. When people get used to having all their customer data in one place, they start living in and loving that one place; like the iPhone.