Failsforce2.0 – #SaaSWars breaks out. Freshworks wages war against bloated software

About half a dozen skydivers jumping off a huge Freshworks #Failsforce blimp that was hovering over downtown San Francisco, their in-air acrobatic displays embellished with colorful smoke, while over 20 warriors sporting lightsabers were on the ground near the Moscone Centre in San Francisco, staging a battle between good and evil. 

We are setting the stage for the SaaSWars, our fight against clunky software. 

For a few years now, legacy SaaS companies have been making life miserable for several businesses. The companies that promised to replace heavy, bloated on-premise software are turning into the very enemy they swore to vanquish. 

We, at Freshworks, will no longer allow legacy SaaS providers to take advantage of businesses. 

Last year, we decided to put our foot down and rebel against this.

This year, we are digging our feet deeper, and the #failsforce movement is gathering momentum. We are shaking people awake to the atrocities the SaaS industry is enduring, because the very saviour who promised the business world solutions to their on-premise software woes has now moved over to the Dark Side.

We are now ready to fight a war and see to it that companies get to use software that will deliver them moments of wow and will help them win customers for life. 

The spectacle that San Francisco has just witnessed this morning is only the beginning; we are stepping on the gas pedal with the #failsforce movement. 

The Freshworks blimp that took to the skies earlier today is going to stay put over the next few days to let all SaaS users know that they can always look to Freshworks for support. 

What you’ve all seen so far is no mere marketing stunt; you’ve now heard the battle cry and will see the SaaS Wars unfold before your eyes. Keep your eyes peeled.

We have so much planned for everyone who will be in San Francisco over the next few days as we are reinforcing our army to fight the Dark Cloud. 

Join our revolution by visiting our pop-up store at the corner of 4th and mission-88, 4th street, San Francisco. Follow our Twitter, Instagram, and other social channels to see who else is moving over to the bright side, and keep tabs on this page to learn more about the SaaS Wars.