SaaS Wars: the beginning of the end of legacy SaaS 

Freshworks is taking on legacy SaaS companies, and how! 

We have been running the #failsforce 2.0 campaign, that marks the beginning of our fight against bloated, clunky, expensive business software. We’re calling this the SaaS Wars

On Tuesday – Nov. 19, in San Francisco, we launched our war against legacy SaaS, by alerting people to the fact that SaaS companies that once promised to save businesses from heavy, expensive on-premise software were turning into the very enemy they swore to replace. These companies have long implementation cycles, require expensive consultants, and involve high licensing costs. Their products are clunky, complicated, and bloated. This extends to new-age technologies like artificial intelligence as well. We found that only about 12% of CRM customers use AI

We want to assure people that a new hope is here, in the form of Freshworks and our customer-for-life cloud

We took to the skies with a massive blimp, and had skydivers jump out of it holding the SaaS Wars banner, officially launching the war against clunky software. 

On the ground, we had warriors representing both the dark cloud and the fresh cloud, battling it out with their lightsabers. 

A marching band then dropped by to join us in our crusade against expensive software. 

Everyone had a grand time! 


Scores of people dropped by to pick up our lovely comic strip that takes you through the history of the SaaS Wars and introduces you to Duke Freshworker – the new hope for businesses everywhere.  

Alongside the fun activities on the streets, we had the smart, energetic entrepreneur and investor Nathan Latka join us for an AMA and a webinar about the SaaS Wars and legacy SaaS. 

We were also joined by Craig Soules, the founder and CEO of Natero which was recently acquired by Freshworks, Vu Hoang Anh, the CEO of Avocode, and Fred McClimans, a senior analyst with Futurum Research. 

We also manned a pop-up store near the Moscone Centre, where people could come by for some coffee, comics, and conversation.  

And you can see that people who dropped by loved the SaaS Wars campaign.

This is only the beginning.


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