Uncomplicate – How to get more replies on Linkedin

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You’ve got yourself a rich LinkedIn profile, made hundreds of connections, and have found a clutch of prospective customers you’d like to pitch your product to. But how exactly do you go about doing this? How do you start a conversation with these people without appearing like a spam account? How do you get people to respond to your LinkedIn messages and engage with you on the site? 

Jake Jorgovan, founder of Content Allies, has mastered this. So, we picked his brains, to learn about how to generate leads on LinkedIn and how to reach out to audience via LinkedIn in a way that’s not spammy!

How to use LinkedIn effectively:

A very important thing you should keep in mind is that LinkedIn is just a tool to connect with the prospective customer. The goal should never be to make the sale on LinkedIn, but to only use LinkedIn to strike a conversation with the prospect and get them to talk to you over the phone, Jake says. 

One mistake people make is to connect with someone on LinkedIn and then immediately send a long pitch. If this happens, people would zone out and never talk to you again, he adds. 

1) Optimize your profile: 

One of the simplest yet most effective things you can do is to write a creative, eye-catching headline. For instance, rather than just putting your title or designation, you want to create a benefit-oriented headline, such as “I help B2B companies generate leads through LinkedIn”. 

“You want a tagline, like the headline of a blogpost, that’s going to hook someone into your profile,” Jake says.

The other thing you should do is to convert your profile from being a resume-style profile with all your accomplishments, and think of it more like a website which is talking about who your company is, who you serve, and how you help people. “Taking it from a resume-style which is what LinkedIn started as, almost a sales-page style,” Jake says. 

Jake Jorgovan

2) LinkedIn sales navigator: 

After you optimize your profile, you should purchase the LinkedIn sales navigator which is a paid version of the tool. One you have this in place, you first send the prospective customer a connection request, saying hello and letting them know a sales conversation is coming their way, but without going straight into the pitch. Once the person has accepted the request, you can send them a sequence of emails over the next few weeks. 

The biggest thing to know about LinkedIn is that it is very different from cold emails. With cold emails, you write a lot in the email while with LinkedIn, the short and sweet message is what gets responses, Jake says. 

“The goal is to keep it short on LinkedIn. It’s not a window that people are reading this in. They’re reading on their phones so it is almost like you’re texting them as opposed to emailing them.” 

Do try these out and let us know how it works for you!