Freshworks welcomes CanvasFlip team

We’re excited to introduce you to the CanvasFlip team, the newest members of the Freshworks family. The founders of CanvasFlip, Vipul Mishra and Manish Jha, have joined the Chennai office. Their high caliber and entrepreneurial leadership will contribute to building great products and delivering world class customer experiences at Freshworks.

CanvasFlip cofounders Vipul Mishra (R) and Manish Jha (L)

CanvasFlip, founded in June 2015, is a cloud-based prototyping and usability testing platform. The platform allows product managers, UX teams, and entrepreneurs to validate their ideas and check user experience without having to write any code manually.

Before CanvasFlip, Vipul Mishra and Manish Jha were colleagues at Tech Mahindra. They shared an interest in product development and solving complex problems, and were looking to find a solution for non-technical folks who were keen on fine-tuning user experience. This passion led to the inception of  CanvasFlip.

Within four years of CanvasFlip, they created multiple products to make collaboration easier between designers, developers, copy writers, and product managers.

CanvasFlip products such as ‘Prototyping and User testing’ was committed to making product visualization and validation easier, other products like ‘Scribble’ and ‘Specs’ made it a lot easier to get the right product copy and pixel-perfect dev specification respectively.

Visual Inspector, a tool to collaborate feedback on live websites, is till date one of their most successful products, and it remains to be freely available in the Chrome Webstore.

“We are super thrilled to join the incredible team and continue learning under the great leadership team at Freshworks. It’s amazing to see how Freshworks has scaled as a global product company in recent years,” said Vipul. Both the founding members have moved to Chennai from Bengaluru.