Hello Denver! It’s great to be here!

We are thrilled to open our new office in downtown Denver as we fulfil our vision of helping businesses create customers for life. We are happy to expand to the wide open spaces in the Rocky Mountain state as we continue our tremendous growth in North America. 

When we looked for another office in the US, we needed to look beyond our recently christened headquarters in San Mateo, which is quickly filling up. Denver was a natural choice thanks to its central location, which brings us closer to many of our North American customers.  More importantly, it provides us with a wealth of diverse and richly talented professionals who would also be a great cultural fit at Freshworks.  

We are building a team that approaches work, life, and play with equal gusto as we add to our amazing global staff that now counts over 2500 members. Freshworks employees are beyond your standard fare.  We’ve got singers, theatre artists, rock climbers, guitarists, marathoners, and cyclists on our payrolls. They are smart and driven. You get the drift. We believe in having a great work-life integration and Denver offers us people who embrace that.  

In fact, we’ve already started adding to our roster and are looking to hire over 100 employees across sales and solution engineering positions, in short order. If you (or someone you know) are looking for a great opportunity with a great company, then we want to hear from you!  

Join us as we demonstrate what powerfully simple software can do for people’s businesses from the Pacific Coast to the Rocky Mountains and beyond.