Feature Updates: New, Improved Ways for Coherent Segmentation and Customizations in Goals

At Freshsuccess, we’re always looking for ways to remove friction from a customer success manager’s (CSM) daily workflows and processes. So we’re thrilled about a few new features that will help your CSMs streamline customer engagement – plan their day around their tasks, and navigate their way around segmented lists. 

These enhancements will live within the Goals module and make it easier for admin users to manage Account Lists across the platform. So let’s take a deep dive into each of these!

Goal Enhancements

We’ve made a few small albeit significant upgrades to the Goals section within Freshsuccess. 

  1. Get specific and establish the right engagement style.

Not all customers are the same, and not all customer relationships are similar. While some of your engagements would require tasks to be set up sequentially and back-to-back, real-world scenarios often work differently – unexpected delays are commonplace. 

Your CSMs would notice that dependencies within tasks and sub-tasks are a frequent occurrence for several customers they work with. Therefore, the tool you use to track your customer success workflows should be flexible enough to mimic these real-world engagements in alignment with the customer lifecycle. 

Now, tasks within goal playbooks in Freshsuccess can be set to begin after delays of hours, days, or weeks – this closely mimics the typical interactions between CSMs and customers. These versatile workflows offer the flexibility to replicate the actual customer lifecycle. 

2. Get it done on time, every time.

Your CSM is responsible for ensuring that your customers have a great experience. 

However, most CSMs handle several accounts with different responsibilities and day-to-day activities on their schedule. So things are bound to get confusing and complicated!

This is why we’ve added a time-picker dropdown within the “Due by” field when creating a new goal or a task – CSMs can manage their time better and stay ahead of the tasks they own with this enhancement to the due date!

Get started with a simpler way to see more.

With Freshsuccess, it’s elementary to set up a clear set of goals for each of your customers. The Goals section lists all of the goals created and allows CSMs to get a bird’s eye view of the account associated with the goal, the date it was created, when the goal is due, and the status of the goal. 

We went back to the drawing board with some great feedback from CSMs, and here’s what we’re doing – in addition to the default details we spoke about, we’re letting CSMs add a few more details to the goal and task lists as columns and making these editable:

  • Category
  • Current ARR
  • Priority
  • Next task due by
  • Owner

Account Lists Management

We put some thought into helping users manage account lists – we’ve made it easier for CSMs to associate account lists with specific features/modules within Freshsuccess instead of having them openly visible across the entire tool. 

Get those customer segments synced to outcomes.

With account lists that help filter and analyze customer cohorts and stay ahead of behaviors, CSMs could jump right in and create customer segments across the Freshsuccess platform to enable quick access to key accounts and users. But, on the flip side, these account lists became tedious to manage and track. 

By associating the customer segment lists to goals, health scoring, dashboard reporting, and task management (soon to meetings management as well), you’re able to see when the last updates were made by category, filter from the results to drive visibility, and analyze and act based upon the activities and engagements pertaining to your customer accounts.

Let’s take a few examples to help realize the value of this feature upgrade a little better: 

  • CSMs can segment accounts with no meaningful activity/interaction over the last 90 days and then associate them to tasks and reports. This way, they can take action, create an automated task (via alert automation) on this list, and pull a report on the accounts that have open alerts against them. 
  • Admin users can segment all upcoming renewal accounts without any renewal or upsell goals in the last couple of months and automatically create success goals with a renewal playbook for their CSMs. 
  • Choose to segment all accounts that did not have a quarterly business review (QBR) goal in the last four months and automatically create QBR tasks for the CSMs to reach out to the customers via Touchpoints.
  • CSMs can create an account list to capture those customers whose seat utilization and monthly active users (MAU) increased significantly and review this list closely to initiate expansion/upgrade goals. Associating this list within Goals can then help them cultivate the opportunity with playbooks and manage it via the Goals module. 

By simply tethering the segmented account lists to specific modules within the tool, we can drive automation and greater clarity for CSMs to act proactively and ensure success from the ground up. 

Talk to one of our Solutions Engineers today and tell us how you would use these features in Freshsuccess!