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The Freshdesk Contact Center blog speaks at length about:

  • Virtual call centers
  • Phone support
  • Cloud telephony
  • Everything related to phone systems. 

We are always open to hosting fresh ideas and new perspectives on our blog. Our blog caters to an audience consisting of call center managers, customer success managers, small business owners, and similar personas. 

If your article idea fits into any of the above, feel free to pitch it to us.

Contribute to Freshdesk Contact Center - Blog write for us Contribute to Freshdesk Contact Center - Blog write for us

What topics get instantly approved?

Virtual Call Centers 

Call center management, inbound call centers, outbound call centers, virtual phone systems, best practices related to these fields, and the likes.

Cloud Telephony

Articles that break down terms and concepts in cloud telephony for the technically challenged, discuss the strategic relevance of IVR, ACD, etc. for businesses. 

Customer Support 

Blogs that talk about customer support with a specific focus on phone support or omnichannel customer support.

Outbound Sales

How-to’s, best practices, practical tips, tried and tested experiments — anything that can help outbound sales reps ace their calls with customers better is a good fit. 

Thought Leadership

Your own unique thought on where cloud telephony is heading, the trends that you see becoming mainstream, or reforms that the world must watch out for.


Anything else that will make call center managers, customer success managers, or small business owners stop, take notice, and have a good read.

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