Why should you offer an online chat option?

We are in an age where a customer typically interacts with a brand via several touch points before buying. You need to be online and available when they are seeking information. You don’t want to make it difficult for them to get in touch with you. Instead of making your customers search for your contact email or phone number, you can initiate a chat with them proactively or allow them to start a conversation with you, while they are online on your website. More importantly, having an online chatbox helps you have a personalized conversation with your prospect.

online chatbox online chatbox

Chat box for sales

Online chat helps you get more relevant leads by qualifying the traffic on your website. Businesses that use an online chat box see a 30% increase in sales. You also can also personalize your conversations based on the context of your prospect such as the pages visited by a prospect on your website, time spent on the page and so on. Freshdesk Messaging helps you increase your conversions  by intelligently routing the qualified leads the right salespeople.

  • Start conversations instantly with the chat box on your website, mobile app and in-product.
  • Qualify and resolve queries faster using a collaborative inbox
chatbox for sales chatbox for sales

Chatbox for customer support

Having a chat box as part of your customer support improves the trust in your organization. Being in the era of instant gratification, more and more customers prefer chatting online with a customer support agent to instantly resolve their issues than reaching them over the phone or email. Freshdesk Messaging is a modern online chat box and is asynchronous in nature, which makes it easy for customers and agents to have meaningful conversations by giving the support agents insights into the history of past conversations.

Here are some key benefits chat boxes can bring to your customer support:

Chat with customers round the clock

Offering online chat support helps in improving the customer lifetime value, because instant support reduces the need for your customers to explore other options than your organization. Online chat tools like Freshdesk Messaging helps you engage with customers even during offline hours and gives them an ETA on when your support agents can get back to them. Also, you can:


The scope of chatboxes go beyond live support. It is also about offering self-service options, where you enable your customers to resolve their issues themselves. Self-service typically includes the list of FAQs, the necessary knowledge base that customers can use to help themselves, videos, articles, and so on.

Canned responses

One of the key advantages of online chat is that your support agents can have multiple conversations simultaneously. To speed up the response from your support agents, modern chatboxes give you the option to create canned responses, i.e., the ability to reply with a predefined set of response templates.  

Get closer to your customer with online chat

Onboard customers

Online chat boxes also help you in onboarding new customers to your product. It helps them explore the product more deeply by integrating videos and product tours into the nurturing process.

In-app feedback

Chat tools also allow you to use in-app campaigns to send out surveys to collect feedback and suggestions to improve your product or the overall customer experience.

Drive repeat purchases

The chatbox can also give you enough context about the customers, so that you can wow them by offering them the right incentives at the right times.

online chatbox for support online chatbox for support

Position your chat box effectively to improve customer experience

To make the most of your chatbox, you need to make sure that it’s placed at the right touch points on your website and support portals. Some of the pages you might want to consider adding the online chat box are: