Refresh 2020: From Physical to Virtual, Experience Matters

Whether it is the quick shift from physical offices to virtual or moving our flagship customer summit, Refresh, from an offline event to online, we at Freshworks believe that adaptability is key to continuity.

2020 – The year of many firsts

This year has shown us many firsts. The global outbreak of the novel coronavirus—starting off in Wuhan toward 2019-end but showing its full fury worldwide in 2020—has had everyone abandon their existing practices. Unexpectedly, there have been many firsts that can be added and made into a list. Industries came to a standstill in the wake of the pandemic. Governments and organizations  scrambled to mitigate the impact of the pandemic, even leading to the shutdown of entire countries for the first time ever. Even the most revered and important of events that require years  of planning and execution have had to halt and go on SOS. 

Change is constant. Adaptation is key  

Everyone has had to step out of the ordinary and improvise. One of the most unexpected surprises was when Pope Francis live-streamed his entire mass to deliver his blessings since Italy was then in lockdown. The ongoing pandemic has prompted all organizations to move to digital-only events for the foreseeable future, forcing us to look at new avenues and, in turn, explore opportunities like never before. 

Embrace the change 

Simply put, adapting to change is a lifehack. As John F. Kennedy once said,  “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” Freshworks as a brand has always been a forerunner in embracing new strategies and quickly adapting them to daily business practices. In the early stages of the pandemic, even before working from home was mandated by the government, Freshworks issued the WFH policy keeping in mind employees’ safety. 

Silver linings 

The breakneck transition from in-person to virtual events that we see around us proves that people are open and embracing new ways to engage with stakeholders as well as to address market needs. While essentially, the shift from physical reality to virtual was sudden and unplanned for most people, the potential is irrefutably unique. The rapid adoption of technology for remote work proves that people are ready to find new ways of doing almost everything. While the shift to virtual or hybrid events may require extra research, participant guidance and technology testing, don’t lose sight of the fact that we are all uniquely and creatively growing together. There are many speculations and first wave reports that point toward a future where virtual events are here to stay even after the pandemic dwindles. 

For Freshworks, quickly making the switch from physical offices to virtual operations has allowed business continuity smoothly and proven to be a trust-building exercise for our various stakeholders. It has granted us many opportunities to provide support to our customers and make sure business isn’t affected in any way. By digging deep and re-focusing on what best meets business goals, Freshworks as a brand has been able to identify the different layers in which we can provide the best possible experience to our customers. The same holds true for our global user conference, Refresh. We started looking at what all the events space and Refresh can offer. 

We re-grouped, re-thought, re-aligned, re-ideated—and are now ready to give you the Refresh 2020 experience. Virtually. For all of us at Freshworks, Experience Matters.

Registrations for Refresh 2020 are open. Click here to get going.