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Delight the modern buyer with omnichannel support

Modern buyers expect modern customer service - personalized, fast, and omnipresent. Integrate a blend of conversational experiences, including live chat, web, mobile, and contact center support.

How can your brand bring delight to modern customers

  • Connect on channels that customers love - Provide the best, most intuitive support across all channels.

  • Succeed with each channel - Understand how each channel works and deliver an effortless customer experience there.



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Enhance customer engagement & close deals faster

CRM is one of the most critical functions for Retailers. It helps them know customer intent and deliver seamless engagement across channels with a 360° view of the customer. Brands can provide personalized customer experiences and close deals faster.

Why you need to implement a CRM for your business

  • Unify customer data for sales, marketing, and service

  • Know your customer

  • Improve customer engagement 

  • Identify loyal customers





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Modernize IT operations

Customers today are looking for instant resolution, which isn't possible unless you empower your teams with the right tools. The need of the hour for CIOs is to upgrade their ticket management system into cloud-based, modern IT service management.

Choosing the Right-Sized IT Service Management Platform for Retail Business

  • Use Automations to Make Informed Decisions

  • See All Service Data in One Place

  • Help Your Customers Better

  • Reduce IT complexity and increase adoption

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Success Stories

How 7-Eleven Improved its Omnichannel Customer Experience


98% Tickets resolved within SLA
3 hours first-response time
95% calls resolved with SLA





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How HiveXchange achieved a 20% month-over-month growth rate with Freshsales  


4X faster sales cycle
20% month-over-month increase in revenue
30% increase in productivity





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How Carrefour kept its Freshworks implementation fast and simple in an uncertain world


Sinlge user experience
Simple workflows enabling quick start and expansion
Improving agent productivity
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