6 affiliate marketing tools to get you started

Affiliate marketing has become a popular choice of generating passive income for freelance marketers. The pandemic-induced lockdown has increased its popularity, making affiliate marketing a prudent choice for many people from different walks of life. While it may seem easy to get started as an affiliate marketer, it requires well-crafted strategies and sustained effort for beginners to find their foot in the affiliate marketing business. 

But with the right tools in place, affiliate marketing does not have to be as laborious as it seems. In this blog, we have curated a list of tools that you can rely on to save time, make smarter decisions, and also increase your efficiency. 


Web hosting is an online service that allows you to publish your website on the internet by allocating some space on their server for your files. This is how your website will be accessible to everyone on the internet.

Bluehost is one of the largest hosting providers in an affordable price range. It offers you a free domain with a purchase. If you are a WordPress user, you can get your website published in a single click. Your website also loads faster due to powerful integrations with Cloudflare.


WordPress is one of the most popular ways to build a website. It is a content management system that requires zero coding skills. Most affiliate marketers are generally confused about choosing from either WordPress.org or WordPress.com. We recommend WordPress.org for affiliate marketers for the following reasons. 

WordPress.org is a self-hosted free open source software that allows you to customize your website and promote your products in any way you want. WordPress also offers over 55,000 plugins and 5000 themes to make blogging easier. You can also earn by running your own ads, and you would not be asked to share your revenue with anyone. You can also easily embed your affiliate links to your product banners using this software.


SEO is an integral part of building free and organic traffic to your website. Your efforts should focus on keyword research, content building, and backlinking to yield optimum SEO results. These techniques will help you build your presence and increase your rankings over time.

Ahrefs is an all-in-one tool for your digital marketing efforts. Ahrefs helps you build a strong backlink profile, keep a tab on your competitors’ SEO strategies, and maintain your website’s hygiene. Ahrefs webmaster tools offer website owners free limited access to their site audit and site explorer solutions. 


A landing page is crucial for your business, especially when you are running ad campaigns. These are high converting pages, and require your maximum attention.  

Instapage is a landing page creator that allows you to create landing pages instantly. They offer around 200 customizable landing page templates where you can add, remove, and personalize elements of your choice to create your perfect landing page. This tool also lets you design landing pages separately for desktop and mobile versions.  They have several features, such as A/B testing, heatmaps, and dynamic text replacement options to help you analyze what is working for you. You can try out different versions of the page until you find the right one that yields the maximum conversion results.


Did you know that articles with great visuals get 94% more views than a boring text-only blog? That’s where Canva comes into the picture. You can design your own customized poster without hiring a designer using this tool.

Canva is a graphic design platform that lets you create banners, social media posters, and other visual content. It has tons of free templates available for instant use. You can also create customized images by simply dragging and dropping the different image elements. This tool has a free version with limited usage capacity. There are a lot of free images in their stock. However, you can also purchase premium images at a low cost starting from $1. You can refer to this guide to start designing your own poster.


As an affiliate marketer, your marketing efforts will be prominent via writing. For your content to stand out and gain your audience’s attention, your articles need to be creative without grammatical errors. 

Grammarly is the right tool to help you in the process. It allows you to concentrate on your creative flow, while it takes care of the proofreading process. You can install the free version of the tool to your browser as an extension. The free version covers the most primary features, such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks. You can also opt for the paid option to get access to additional features like plagiarism, tone checker, and others.

With a raft of options, tools and resources, affiliate marketing is becoming richer and busier, and not to forget, also highly competitive. It is all about working smarter and understanding your audience and industry. Equipped with the tools mentioned above, you are all set to reap your rewards like a boss in affiliate marketing.

These are just a few tools to get your affiliate marketing journey started. There are more tools and strategies to learn as you grow as an affiliate marketer. Do leave your comments below on which tools have helped you grow!

Cover image: Vignesh Rajan