The SaaS Wars are upon us

Long long ago… in a network far far away…

The business world was being taken over by the federation known as Premise-On. At a time when businesses were still offline, working with physical files and paper, the federation promised them ease and comfort in the form of business software. They lured professionals to the world of software, but also subtly and cleverly piled heavy software on them. 

Over time, the evil federation took over the reins and hogged full control of business software. Customers, quite unaware of what was happening were simply living with the heavy software loaded on their office systems….

Until one fine day, towards the end of the 20th century…

The Force came by, promising something people had never heard of.

The Force introduced businesses to the land of the Cloud. The new promised land offered businesses freedom from the Premise-On federation that was slowing down and complicating businesses processes. 

Moreover, the Force promised to put the control and power in the hands of consumers. 

The business world was fascinated, and users were all starry-eyed at the new entity being unveiled before them. 

In no time, migration ensued. 

Businesses quickly started marching on to the cloud, stunned by the convenience that the cloud ecosystem offered. With more businesses surrendering to the Cloud, it began to grow – in power, size, complexity, and price. 

And before you knew it…the success got to the cloud’s head. It was only rubbing shoulders with the aristocrats, not paying heed to the needs of those who actually worked with the software the Cloud was making.

Even as it was unveiling magical features, it unleashed an army of stormtrooper-like men in business suits. Consult Ants—an army of suited minions who forced the cloud on innocent businesses—duly followed. The Cloud was constantly hungry for money and more power, and was barely paying attention to the needs of small businesses and the end users. 

The Force gradually morphed into the very enemy it swore to destroy. The Cloud that the entire business world loved and took inspiration transformed into the Dark Cloud.

Meanwhile, at the dawn of the 21st century, in another faraway planet called Tattoindia, a young Duke Freshworker emerges. 

Freshworker was a young and nimble warrior, with deep knowledge and expert training, and most importantly, the vision to ensure that customers come first. He wanted to save the universe from the tyranny of Dark Cloud. He heard his customers out, and gave customers solutions that were simply out of this world while also being extremely simple to use. He was the warrior the business world needed to save them from the Dark Cloud’s slavery.  

We’re now in the era of change. 

A new hero has arrived… Freshworker’s Customer-for-life Cloud

The crusade against the evil Dark Cloud has begun.