Uncomplicate- The magic triangle to boost sales

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We have read/seen/heard a lot on tactics to increase sales. Things like cold calling, better prospecting, better content marketing, or disqualifying leads for that matter. 

But, at a strategic level, we all have been going after redundant scripts, and beaten-to-death formulas to increase sales. 

David Brier, a rebranding expert, talks about a magic triangle that will not only help you boost sales, but will also help you close deals at a much faster rate. 

So, what is it?

Sales, branding, and storytelling. But isn’t that something that we all know already? No! says David. 

What does this mean? It means that your brand and other values need to be about your customer and not about you. 


A brand, a story, and a sale should always be about the aspirations of your customers. Their dreams, their problems, their objectives and challenges. Not yours. 

“Where the magic triangle doesn’t work and companies may say— we’re doing branding, we’re doing selling, you know we’re telling stories…. they are talking about themselves,” said David. 

Selling without a great branding and story, it will just be transactional. At the end of the sales cycle, you will have leads and not relationships. 

Selling with stories gives you the opportunity to:

  • Add context to conversations and gives your sales organisation a recognition
  • Let’s you have a unique voice and cut through the clutter 

But what’s the secret to a great story?

“You want to tell stories that truly have a unique voice, have a unique and unexpected twist… that has a unique hero and unique villain,”said David.  When the triangle is in place and starts working, it will help you crush your competition, targets, and sales goals.

But, where do you get started?

Acknowledge what you don’t know

Brand story isn’t about your logo. David elaborates, “If you have a logo, you have a logo, that’s like saying, I have a tyre, therefore I have a car, that’s not true.”

Brand is about telling how you are different from others in your space. If you don’t have it to say what differentiates you, you are just adding to the noise. 

“So you when you’re branding, you are actually differentiating yourself from what else is out there. There’s a compelling reason why you came into existence,”said David.  

And when you start applying that context to every sales call/meeting, you start building customers for life. 

Remember, sales is not the end of a transaction, but the beginning of a relationship. With the right story and context, you have a chance to prove to your prospects that they made the right call by choosing you.

David puts this nicely, “If you helping is not part of the definition of an organization’s concept of selling, they’re not selling. They’re just trying to hammer out deals.”

Always remember- Empires are not built on transactions, they’re built on relationships. So, the next time you sell, always ask yourself:

  • What’s our differentiation and how does it matter to my customers? (That’s brand)
  • Who am I helping? And why am I helping? (That’s the story)

At the end of the day, the customer is at the centre of everything.