Ace your customer engagement game with

personalised Campaigns

Send smart, intent-driven messages to nurture leads, onboard users, reduce drop-offs and to upsell customers

based on unique behavior.

In-app Messages

Communicate value to your users within the product. Segment your customers and users based on their usage, behavior, and activity to send announcements, gather feedback, nudge for re-purchase, or increase adoption.

Triggered and Scheduled Emails

Improve open rates with smart, intent-driven emails. Trigger or schedule targeted emails to engage your prospects and customers, based on the actions they take on your website, product, or app.

您的工作不仅止于让用户完成注册 - 这只是一个开始

营收、拉新、反馈和采纳是实现业务增长所依赖的支柱。优化这些指标的答案只有一个 — 主动传递个性化消息,读取率达95% ,同时提供无与伦比的体验。一切尽在APP内部即可实现。

您的工作不仅止于让用户完成注册 - 这只是一个开始

营收、拉新、反馈和采纳是实现业务增长所依赖的支柱。优化这些指标的答案只有一个 — 主动传递个性化消息,读取率达95% ,同时提供无与伦比的体验。一切尽在APP内部即可实现。









Engage your users where they are

Freshdesk Messaging's Campaigns allows you to reach users inside your product through in-app messages and even outside your product through emails and push notifications.

Measure and optimize your customer engagement

Keep a tab on how your messages are doing when your campaign is live, or analyse results once your campaign is completed. Metrics like seen, open, clicked and reply rates will immediately give you high-level insights, so you can optimise and take action.