What is live chat for website?

Live chat for website is emerging as a must-have channel for generating leads and supporting existing customers. Every online business that wants to feel the pulse of their customer should embrace live chat for website.

Live chat websites are not only better positioned to attract more leads to their business and support customers in real-time, they also stay ahead of the competition. Live chat websites are able to offer personalized customer experience and better brand interaction which helps them create a unique brand differentiation among the competition. A recent research by J.D. Power shows that over 42% of online customers prefer live chat for websites over other channels of support such as email or phone.

Live chat website is a modern, continuous, and context-driven way to engage with leads and existing users to drive more sales, close more deals, and retain customers for the long haul.

Why do you need a live chat website?

If you want to convert your website visitors into leads and turn them into returning customers, you must have live chat for your website. Similarly, you need a live chat website if you want to set-up campaigns to reduce bounce rate and offer proactive support to your customers. On the business side of things, live chat website help your sales and support team engage better with customers and manage their day-to-day operations without much hassle.

Generating leads from live chat for website

It’s a common misconception among many businesses who assume that live chat for website is exclusively designed for customer support. But this is not true – when used well, live chat website can help businesses generate more leads and drive more sales.

Generating leads with live chat for website is also better than other lead generation methods because you can attract and qualify the right leads that matter to your business. With live chat for website, you can also generate leads for your business by automating chatbots during your offline business hours. The bot can engage with your leads, capture their data, and pass it on to your CRM software for your sales team to follow up.

Your business can also optimize the live chat channel for lead generation in your mobile app, in-product, and social media DM’s to cast a wide net so that there is no leakage in your lead funnel.

5 ways you can generate leads with online live chat website

Here are five straightforward ways by which online live chat website generate more leads for your online business.

Reduce drop-offs

Set event conditions or trigger contextual messages to offer discounts, coupons, etc. to lure visitors to engage with your website.

Offer personalized experiences

Set event conditions or trigger contextual messages to offer discounts, coupons, etc. to lure visitors to engage with your website.

Nurture likely buyers

Track user behavior in real-time to identify likely buyers and offer them high-touch assistance to help them complete their purchases.

Offer better UX

Integrate FAQs and within the chat widget to help them find answers to all of their queries, or optimize Message Channels to help them connect with the right team.

Engage 24/7

Deploy chatbots during non-business hours to engage with leads and capture their data. Program your bot workflow to make chatbots sound empathetic, interactive, and engaging.

Improve conversions for your website with live chat online

Live chat websites are better leveraged to help leads convert into buyers because the service they offer is instant, convenient, and human. A research by Forrester states that 44% of online customers find live chat for website extremely helpful because it helps them find answers to their questions during their product evaluation and buying stage. Live chat websites are better at improving conversion rates because of the impeccable timing in the sales process; they engage prospects when they are most engaged with the product.

In another study conducted by the American Marketing Association in 2016, researchers found that customers are three times more likely to buy a product from businesses that have live chat for website.

When you set up live chat for website as the first interaction point for the customers with your brand, the velocity of sales doubles in your sales pipeline. Customers appreciate the concierge-like instant support when they come to your website; thereby, choosing you over your rivals for the convenience your business offers.

6 reasons to pick Freshdesk Messaging as the online live chat for website

Improve user engagement

Offer a continuous, familiar messaging experience with Freshdesk Messaging’s modern messaging interface. Help your leads connect with the right team to find answers to their queries by setting up topic-based Message Channels.

Pick up a customer’s context from where customers left off in the past with the continuous chat history. Use emojis, videos, or other rich media content on top of the text messaging.

Prioritize incoming chat traffic with the help of Priority Inbox. View and respond to conversations that need immediate attention based on response due time.

Personalize customer experience

Communicate with website visitors inside your product – onboard new users with video tutorials, ask feedback, nudge existing users engage more deeply with your product, and retain lapsing users with customized offers and recommendations.

With people segmentation, group users based on location, site navigation, product usage, and other user properties. Use these segments to pick specific users from the People list to experiment with messages before turning them into campaigns.

Be there when your customers need you the most. Use chatbots when your support team is offline to be always accessible to cater to the unique needs of your customers.

Optimize your self-help offerings

Empower your website visitors to find answers to all of their queries in their own pace. Deflect customer queries to integrated FAQs within the messenger, even on mobile. Use Freshdesk Messaging’s powerful search to ensure that users can find answers within a few clicks.

Improve your FAQ offering by encouraging your visitors to give feedbacks by upvoting or downvoting your content. Customize the FAQs in an intuitive and mobile-friendly grid view. Add and reconfigure icons and update content on the fly. Create FAQs content in the language that your users speak. Presents the right content for every user based on the language they select.

Free up your team bandwidth by deflecting conversations, and enriching overall visitor experience by providing quick solutions to common questions.

Create a smart work environment

With Freshdesk Messaging’s IntelliAssign, automate chat conversations to individual members of teams based on their current load or expertise. Load balance conversations evenly across the team and free your team from the pressure of manually taking up conversations.

Assign chat conversations to specific team members or groups based on pre-set conditions like keywords, language, user properties, time, etc. Streamline interactions and processes by mapping a group to specific channels or conversations. Furthermore, automate load balancing within a specific group.

Create pre-composed responses for answering common customer queries on the go. Reduce time and optimize resolution time. Use Private Notes to take pointers, log updates, record learnings to share them with your team.

Integrate with your favorite apps

Connect with Slack to automatically convert incoming conversations into messages on a specific channel and respond to them from within Slack.

Use Clearbit to dig deeper into your user profiles. View their company details, contact information, job details, and link to social profiles to send messages that resonate.

Respond to customer enquiries and provide real-time updates from within Facebook Messenger without ever having to leave the Freshdesk Messaging inbox.

Convert conversations as tickets on Zendesk and manage or respond to Freshdesk Messaging conversations through the Zendesk inbox.

Integrate with Freshdesk and Freshsales to manage customer support and engage leads better, respectively.

Pay only for what you use

Pay based on the number of active team members and not the number of users and leads you engage with. Freshdesk Messaging automatically detects when team members become active. At the beginning of every month, you will be charged for the number of team members that were active as of the previous month. If a member who was inactive becomes active, you will be charged against that particular member at the end of that billing month.

If a team member becomes inactive (and if that member was charged against at the beginning of the month), we will deposit credits equal to the cost of that member to your Freshdesk Messaging account at the end of that billing month.

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