Join Freshworks Academy – our training and customer experience community

When we launched Freshdesk Academy in 2017, we wanted it to be the go-to place for all customer service agents who wanted customer service training and upskilling. We have garnered a community of 14,000 people who trusted us to train them on essential customer service skills, and on using Freshdesk. We’re so grateful for that.

After receiving critical feedback and thank you notes, we are ready to expand the focus of the Academy from customer service to customer experience as a whole. After all, customer service is only a part of customer experience which, in the current scenario, is the biggest differentiator for businesses.

Today, we are excited to launch Freshworks Academy, our training and community platform for customer experience enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a user of Freshworks’ products looking to learn more about what you can do with them, or a professional looking to make a mark in your customer-facing role, you’ll find Freshworks Academy useful. We exist to help you become the best versions of yourselves, by helping you gain skills that will be useful not just in your career, but also in your lives.

Here’s how we are going to help:

Improve your skills

Freshworks Academy is home to some pretty awesome material on customer service and ITSM. We will soon be adding training videos for sales, marketing, and more. We also have training videos for various Freshworks products like Freshdesk, Freshservice, Freshsales, etc.

By taking these courses, you can equip yourself with the knowledge and tools you’ll need to ace your day-to-day work, and to accelerate personal growth.

The courses we currently offer are:

  1. Freshdesk Admin Fundamentals
  2. Freshdesk Agent Fundamentals
  3. Freshservice Admin Fundamentals
  4. Freshsales CRM Admin Fundamentals
  5. Freshchat Admin Fundamentals
  6. Customer Service Skills
  7. ITSM 101

Get certified

If you are a veteran in your field, here’s an opportunity to test your knowledge and skills, get certified, and show the world that you have what it takes to succeed.

We have the following certifications available:

  1. Freshdesk Product Expert Certification
  2. Freshservice Admin Certification

Join a community you can learn, share, and grow with

We have a Slack community, where you can have conversations with your fellow learners about the courses you’re taking, the ideas you have, or common interests. You can also interact with your peers from the same industry and learn how their work routines or experiences work out. Join the conversation today.

Learn at your own pace

There are no time limits or grades. Pick and choose the courses you want and learn at your own pace. We have made the entire system as convenient for you as possible. Your progress will be recorded so you can pick up where you left off. You can also take courses in any order you want, and retake them if necessary.

In the coming months, we’ll work hard on adding more exciting courses and keeping our existing ones updated. All you need to do is register for the Freshworks Academy to get updates on the new courses. You can also join our Slack community and participate in informative and engaging conversations with your fellow learners.

But words are wind! Why don’t you try it out yourself? Join the Freshworks Academy today for free.